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Fidesz in Che tempo che fa: “The psychiatrist’s remuneration should not be reduced”

Fidesz in Che tempo che fa: “The psychiatrist’s remuneration should not be reduced”

“The government cannot cut the ‘psychiatrist bonus’. It would be like spitting in the faces of suffering people.” After being hospitalized and returning as a judge on the X Factor, Fedez Up to studios what’s the weather likehosted broadcast Fabio Fazio On the nine. He launches his proposal, which was developed after his recent period in the hospital. “The illness made me understand the importance of time. It takes time for a wound to heal. And then it made me understand a lot more about the importance of mental health and how this issue is not limited to a small, elite circle, but is truly a tangible emergency.”

The rapper also pointed out his relationship with Gianluca Vialli: “When I found out I had pancreatic cancer, the only interview I could find on the subject was that of Gianluca Vialli. I was very lucky to have some mutual acquaintances, and the evening before I was admitted to the hospital we spoke on the phone for several hours. It is incredible how a person “Who was going through some drama, took the time to comfort someone he didn’t know at all. This says a lot about who Gianluca is on a human level.”

Then the story of why he shared his experience: “After the last hospitalization, I realized that it was necessary to say as much as possible, to turn on the lighthouse: There are millions of children with these problems, there is a very high percentage The need for psychologists: The government should not cut funding, “But you should increase it.”

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Artistic director Fedez and host Fiorello of Sanremo? In “Che Tempo che fa” Fabio Fazio jokes with the Milanese rapper, returning to a Fiorello joke from recent days. He explained: “I was already asleep, my grandmother woke me up – she is not an imitator of me, she is someone who talks like me. However, I agree, I like the idea.” “Fiorello is a man of opinion, it would be good if he took over from Amadeus with Fedez as technical director,” continues Fazio, joking with his guest. “I’m here, okay,” Fedez responded sarcastically, then continued, “No, I’m not going back to Sanremo.” Finally, a section about the relationship with Chiara Ferragni“He taught me that sometimes it is better to remain silent and not respond to provocations.”

The rapper announced the interview Sunday afternoon with an Instagram Story: “Sorry if I stuttered, but I never talk about some things on TV.”