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“My mother was fighting about it.”  Belén reveals why she ended up with Elio Lorenzoni.

“My mother was fighting about it.” Belén reveals why she ended up with Elio Lorenzoni.

Four months after his last relationship ended Belen Rodriguez She revealed the reasons for saying goodbye to her ex-boyfriend Elio Lorenzoni, the man she moved in with after her divorce from Stefano Di Martino. The Argentine admitted what prompted her to end the relationship immediately after her return from a long vacation in Argentina last New Year: “We didn’t get along anymore and knives flew with my mother.”.

The opportunity to do a little gossip Belén and her sister Cecilia were guests on Radio Deejay. The two Argentines were guests of Alessandro Cattelan on his morning show mainly to talk about the experience they had together on the reality show. Celebrity stalking. But between one conversation and another, Belen also revealed the reasons that prompted her breakup Elio Lorenzonia businesswoman from Brescia with whom she had been in a relationship for about six months.

Trip to Argentina with family

We went to Argentina to celebrate New Year’s Eve. There was Cecilia, Ignazio, Jeremias, Deborah who is his girlfriend, his dog, my two other people’s dogs, my aunt’s dog, my mother, my father, me, my ex-boyfriend, and my kids. You can’t understand Knives Who flew?Belen announced on the radio her talk about her former partner and what happened in South America that led her to close the company. relationship. “My mother did not agree with it, my mother agreed with me in absolutely every aspect, which she never did. So when he agreed with me and started arguing with him, I knew I had to bring him home. Ah, the knives that flew! The showgirl continued.

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Reasons for saying goodbye to Elio Lorenzoni

At that point, Belen said her mother always was like that Veronica Kozaniand the “The thermometer in his life“And that he is able to understand, in advance, that he might be suited to be there for his daughter both personally and professionally.”If my mother started slowly looking at the person I was with, whether it was a friend, boyfriend, or co-worker, she would kill him.

“Even in a short time.”Rodriguez admitted, revealing, at the end of the long conversation with Cattelan, that in the end she and Lorenzoni didn’t see eye to eye anymore: “The real reason for break It was that we no longer agreed, but my mother’s opinion was important to me“.