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Federica Panicucci, her greetings and sorrows, will not appear on TV anymore

A fact to be faced at some point Federica Panicucci greeted her fans and did so with her usual glee, but fans are desperate.

The beloved heroine of the small screen for many years is Federica Panicucci, with her joy and vitality. The crowd has always loved this cute smileTo become a reference point for the world of entertainment in our country.

Federica has a great talent, giving a breath of freshness to all the programs she hosts, as can be seen from the broadcasts that I saw her on top of ‘Mattino Cinqueone of the main programs of the Mediaset network in the morning, Next to him we find Francesco Vicchi, with whom he does an excellent teamwork.

The great strength of its department lies precisely in its ability to combine lighter subjects with frivolous entertainment, Always maintain a certain kind of qualityIn short, to the point of dealing with important and substantive issues with the proper respect and professionalism they deserve Federica is a great professional This has been acknowledged many times by the same network that has always given her so much confidence.

But we have arrived at that time of year when we need to take an inventory, and Mediaset is working frantically preparing the schedule for next season, It also means understanding which programs have worked And this can continue with the coming of September and those who Unfortunately, it will be permanently deleted.

But we show not only users who are waiting for answers, but also the heroes themselves, who are waiting to find out what their work will be in the future according to the numbers they brought home during the season.

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Although Federica Panicucci is a real ace in her workHowever, it is the numbers that always speak. One of the news that leaked recently is exactly that “The Fifth Morning,” in fact, will not be on the air anymoresame host During the last episode, all the spectators greeted Thanking them for the warmth and affection they sent her.

Federica Panicucci

Both she and Vecchi said they are proud of the results obtained during the season that ended and the numbers are promising for the next season which will resume in September, so they announced, “The main element that distinguished this edition was that our audience was there. He was there, I was there every day. There were so many of you, let’s face it!”

So all fans of ‘Mattino Cinque’ and Federica Panicucci can sleep in peaceful nights, the program has been reaffirmed for next season, the famous presenter You will take a well-deserved period of relaxation To recharge your batteries and come back in September in better shape than ever.

Federica Panicucci

Some rumors are talking about possible changes And the news is in standard format now, we’re very curious to see what they’ll have in store for us.