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F1, Frederic Vasseur: “In Mexico I want to see more focus from the team”

F1, Frederic Vasseur: “In Mexico I want to see more focus from the team”

F1 season in the end credits and before GB Mexican We prepare it at home Ferrari To learn from the mistakes made in Austin (USA). In Maranello they had to deal with it Eliminating uneven surfaces from Charles Leclerc’s Monaco. For him, in first place, he also received a negative overall prize due to a poor reward strategy.

The same penalty is also covered Lewis Hamilton, in the second start at the finish line. That’s why Spanish Carlos Sainz He finished third behind the Dutchman Max Verstappen And the British Lando Norris, holders of Red Bull and McLaren. Max’s fifteenth win this season confirms his position as a dominant player in the category.

We are considering the Mexico City commitment. It was he who assessed the situation Frederic Vasseur: “We left Austin with a revised order after Lewis Hamilton and Charles were disqualified, allowing Carlos to take the podium. It’s the result he deserves because of the way he ran the race, which allowed us to come back to take points in the race towards second place in the constructors’ standings.“, the first words of the Red Team Director (Source: Ferrari’s official website).

But in Mexico, I want to see more focus from the team because we can no longer afford some of the errors in judgment that we saw in the United States. What lies ahead is a very special race, in which unique environmental conditions affect the cars’ performance, both in terms of pure performance and tire management.“, Vasseur confirmed.

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With the traditional race format in place, we will have the opportunity to make all the necessary assessments in the three free practice sessions, and I am convinced that we will develop targeted strategies that will allow us to get the most out of a Grand Prix that on paper promises to be very complex. All of us, starting with Carlos and Charles, must be able to seize every opportunity that presents itself to us“, The Prancing Horse team manager concluded.

Photo: La Presse