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Blue Flags 2024, Spain is (still) the country with the most games – SiViaggia

Blue Flags 2024, Spain is (still) the country with the most games – SiViaggia

The Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) recently awarded the new awards Blue flags For the summer season of 2024, which is just around the corner: several years ago, the country that won the title of the country that boasts the largest number of them in the world Spain. So there is no better destination to spend our summer vacation if we love the sea. Let’s get to know its most beautiful (and award-winning) beaches.

Spain, the country with the highest number of blue flags

Spain, for the thirtieth year in a row, is the country that has The largest number of award-winning beaches With the Blue Flag: This prestigious recognition is awarded annually, at the end of spring, to all coastal resorts that can be distinguished by excellent water conditions and high quality of services, including environmental protection, accessibility and safety. In this, apparently, the Iberian state It has not had any competitors since 1994This is the year in which she reached the top of the rankings for the first time.

And although Italy defends itself with its 485 beaches that can boast a flag (a truly impressive result), as for Spain This number rises to 638 in 2024 – Thus 11 new entries are added compared to last year. Then there are 102 sports ports and 7 tourist boats that have received recognition. In total, the country sees at least 15% of the Blue Flags awarded worldwide flown. there Valencian Community It is the autonomous region that holds the record, with 159 positions (+6 compared to 2023). They are followed by Andalusia (156 blue flags), Galicia (125 blue flags) and Catalonia (118 blue flags). The Canary Islands got 60, the Balearic Islands got 46, and the autonomous region of Murcia got 33.

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The most beautiful beaches in Spain

Spain has always been considered One of the most beautiful tourist destinations, whether for its artistic cities or the beaches of its dreams (and nightlife for the little ones). From the vibrant Balearic Islands to the fun of the Costa Brava, through to the stunning views of the Canary Archipelago: there are plenty of possibilities for tourists. The 2024 Blue Flags award gives us the perfect opportunity to do just that Discover some of the best sites -And maybe we’ll find our next vacation destination next summer.

This year, some Spanish beaches received the Blue Flag for the first time. One is Bahia de lerati, in Guisalaz: it is also the first beach in the Autonomous Community of Navarra to win this recognition. Let’s move next to Almería, where we find El Tuyo Beach, a long coastline of dark sand and waves perfect for surfing. Close to Gualchos is Cambriles Beach, which is quieter and also ideal for families. In Andujar the beach stands out EncinaregoA wild area within a nature reserve. In Barcelona, ​​you can swim at Bañes de Forum, a wonderful urban beach.

In Alicante, it is a beach Horoscopes To win the Blue Flag for the first time: It is a small pebbled cove a stone’s throw from Villa Joyosa. Finally, there are two award-winning locations near Valencia: Pobla Marina Beach, in La Pobla de Farnals, and Rabdells Beach, in Oliva. Among the beaches that have been confirmed to have been awarded the Blue Flag again this year, we can mention some truly amazing ones. This is the situation Calla Dort, one of the pearls of Ibiza, or Playa de Muro on the island of Mallorca, while Playa de Reis stands out in Cantabria. What about Playa El Borte in Moraira? A real gem.

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