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Mourinho, what a slap for Inter on Lukaku!  Cannavaro and Vieri are also mentioned

Mourinho, what a slap for Inter on Lukaku! Cannavaro and Vieri are also mentioned

Two weights and two measures? Yes I think soBut I don’t know why.” that it Jose Mourinho was angryRoma coach, in a press conference on the eve of the match against Slava Prague in the European League, regarding The disqualification was obtained after the sending off against MonzaWhich will force him to miss the Meazza trip against Inter. Then a slap to Inter:toukaku He will playIt is a difficult and important match. Lukaku is important to us, and becomes even more important without him Dybala And Pilgrims. I didn’t know it was so important in Milan for them. It’s interesting to see. Is Lukaku’s move from Inter to Roma a tragedy, while Calhanoglu’s move from Milan to Inter is a miracle? This thing scares me. When Cannavaro moved from Inter to Juventus there were no problems, and the same goes for Vieri. In this case, it’s a tragedy.And about the injured:Ndika He will play tomorrow, he has recovered. We don’t have any options behind us to make a turnover, he has to play. with Smalling There is no plan. Get ready, make a bull. There is no plan.”

About Czech football and the appeal of Stepanek

I have watched many Slavia matches. I saw Slavia against Sparta Prague and Slavia in the rest of the tournament in a completely different spirit. What Slavia will we have tomorrow? We are ready for both versions. They are very good at attacking organisation. They have well-defined dynamics, quality players, players who want to build and have confidence in this way of playing. Then Slavia vs Sparta had less possession, but they were in a good position in the open field. They are well prepared and if they are prepared it will be because they have good players and a good coach. A long time ago I played against Sparta during my time at Porto. I have never played against a Czech team in the last 20 years. My contact with Czech football is as an observer. Obviously I notice it better now and Slavia and Sparta are definitely ahead of the pack. There is quality even in the stadiums, their stadiums are very beautiful. We analyzed every option, and did our job. They are an excellent team and deserve respect as such. But I want to take advantage of you because I lost touch with a Czech person who is a great friend of mine like Radek Stepanek And I need your phone number“, concludes Mourinho, who also spoke to Sky Sports…

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