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‘Bellingham blackout’: There is no live TV coverage of El Clásico in England, and here’s why

‘Bellingham blackout’: There is no live TV coverage of El Clásico in England, and here’s why

English football fans will not be able to enjoy the Real Madrid star playing against Barcelona live: controversy has erupted

In an era in which revenues from “virtual stadiums”, that is, those associated with the sale of television broadcast rights for championship matches, have become indispensable for a large part of large and small clubs in the most advanced countries in the field of football, there are still those who think about maintaining the filling ratio. Stadiums “TRUE”.

happening in england, There has been a law in effect since the 1960s, which specifically aims to encourage attendance at stadiums, and prohibits the broadcast of matches on television. From 2:45 pm to 5:15 pmthat is, precisely in the time period during which the majority of matches are played on the weekend Premier League.

It’s okay but all this next weekend will prevent football fans from witnessing the exploits of the best English footballer of the moment, Jude Bellingham, who will take to the field with his Real Madrid team at home to… Barcelona On Saturday, October 28 at 4.15pm Spanish time.

Taking into account the one-hour time difference, the match in Barcelona will start at 3.30pm England time, amid a “TV ban”. The law will be in effect until 2029, and there seems to be no room for an “exception.” It is true that a match of this size is rarely played in the afternoon, but many believe that this rule has been invalidated by events.