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PS2 games on PS4 and PS5 may finally be on the way via a new emulator

PS2 games on PS4 and PS5 may finally be on the way via a new emulator

Access Star Wars: The Clone Wars on PlayStation Store It brings with it news that goes beyond just the simple introduction of the game in question, making one think about the imminent arrival of the game A new PS2 emulator for PS4 and PS5which Sony can actively use to expand its range Catalog of classics From PlayStation 2 it can be played on the new consoles.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which emerged via PS Deals and will apparently arrive on June 11, will be the first title for the PS2 It has been simulated On PS4 and PS5 as of 2019, and will probably take advantage of the new software base for this process, which can also be used for other titles.

The game in question was likely part of the game’s shipment PlayStation Plus Premium June, but what’s particularly interesting is specifically the technology behind its inclusion in the recent catalog, which could open the door to other entrants.

New official PS2 emulator for PS4 and PS5?

Star Wars: The Clone Wars could open the door to many PS2 classics

According to the product description, the PS2 game should have a series of new features for a title belonging to that console: ‚ÄúThis title has been ported from the PS2 version to PS4 and PS5 withAdd new features“, reads the description.

It’s not yet clear what it is, but it could be Video filtri, quick save, rewind And other items included in classic PS1 and PSP games in the PlayStation Plus Premium catalog.

There were already the first batch of PS2 games in the Premium catalog, but emulation It looked severely incomplete In those cases, to the point that it has sparked several criticisms of the management of the games in question within the subscription service.

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Sony may have developed a new emulator, considering that news about the problem has already appeared in the past, between the search for employees to work on emulators and backward compatibility and further confirmations of work regarding a new emulator for PS2 games in particular. This could significantly expand the range of titles that arrive with Premium, including the PS2’s rich catalog.