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F1 – Formula 1 accelerates to align technical rules for the 2026 season

F1 – Formula 1 accelerates to align technical rules for the 2026 season

Between A circular And other responsible groups there F1 The future is slowly taking shape. A slow cooking that goes against the needs of teams that, in the presence of such a changing regulatory framework (the 2026 framework), start work in advance by creating internal teams dedicated to the cars of the near future.

The regulatory load is disturbed on the chassis and aerodynamic front while things are now being done on the engine side. But the delay on the first aspect in some way may also affect the development of the matter Power unit. Remember, these will be based on an internal combustion engine which, basically, won’t change much compared to today.

The minimum weight will be set at 130 kg, while the turbocharger will weigh 12 kg. to’MGU-Kthe only existing electric motor-generator then Prevention SubordinateMGU-H, it must weigh at least 16 kg with a matching battery of 35 kg. Combined, the total weight of these parts reaches 193 kg, which is about 23% more than now.

to’ice It will be operated with a 100% sustainable mix while the share of electricity will triple: from 120 kilowatts it will rise to 350. The entire energy recovery process will be on the shoulders of MGU-K. Its allocation suffers from a delay in the legislative framework related to looms. So far we know that some engine elements will have to “find a home” within the safety cell of the chassis. Start right from thereMGU-K An increase in capacity and size which will be placed near the battery that will remain under the tank.

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Rear shot of the Italian power unit that powers the Ferrari SF-23

Moving an electric powertrain to a region other than the current one raises reliability issues. In this aspect, which generates the greatest design difficulties, it is clear that A more complex energy transfer towards the endothermic body would be required and would have to equalize two units operating at different speeds: 10500 for ICE (Internal combustion engine), approximately 60,000 for MGU-K.

The stresses on this transmission mechanism will be very high and may cause some headaches for engine engineers. The fact that the technical parameters of the chassis are not yet known exacerbates the difficulties because the customization of the electric motor cannot be planned in detail. Needless to say, time is running out because the 2026 engines have already started working and every aspect must be designed accordingly.

F1: Organizational sectors that influence each other

Not every area of ​​a Formula 1 car can be considered independent from the other. That is why we are pushing – it is time – towards chronological formatting of reference texts. As shown in previous columns, thrusters are gaining weight. there F1 He wants to contain this general drift towards unbridled growth and will do so with lighter frames and less bulky shapes.

A shot of the new Ferrari SF-23 box – 2023 Japan GP

The minimum weight of current cars is 798 kilograms, a figure considered too high even by drivers (Verstappen He complained about this several times, Mr. Dr). With the additional weight of the new hybrid engine, the total weight will rise to more than 800 kilograms. Hence the necessity of setting a barrier. there International Automobile FederationAn optimist believes that he can impose a diet of 50 kg, but reaching 20 would be more realistic.

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A reduction of 50 kilograms can be achieved by eliminating the minimum weight limit for cars. The idea is sketched out for now and let’s see International Automobile Federation And opposing teams. The latter will be thrilled because savings in this area are very rewarding around the clock. But the Federal Authority fears a technical escalation that will lead to security problems. Which should not happen in the face of increasingly stringent leakage tests.

Obviously, lightness is synonymous with potential for breakage, which makes the series somewhat unpredictable. But this would be compatible with Cost ceiling? Precisely for this reason, evaluations are conducted despite time constraints.

F1: Losing weight is a logical necessity

Weight containment is a logical necessity. the F1 After 2026, it will be even tighter. The transmission is expected to have only six gears, which means fewer gears and smaller dimensions. The width of the individual seats will decrease from 200 to 190 cm, and the wheelbase from 360 to 340 cm or even 330 cm. The decrease in mass results in smaller wing surfaces. It is estimated that there will be a 40% decrease Downforce. But we must tread carefully because the ability of engineers to find load points by compensating for constraints in a relatively short period of time is known.

In any case, the goal is to continue reducing pull Also thanks to active aerodynamics. This solution will allow you to develop higher top speeds resulting in a greater delta when braking as you will progress more slowly into corners. All for the benefit of overtaking, which can no longer be utilized in the end Department of Intelligence and Security Imagine it as it is today. Active aerodynamics, another advantage, allows the battery to be charged better, avoiding long drive phases, especially during races.

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Red Bull RB19 – DRS system

2026 cars should be more “fun” cars.. The lap difference compared to today should not be large: what is lost in the turns will be gained on the straight track. So a lot will depend on that Planning From the road. to MonzaFor example, you can walk faster. Contrary to speech monk.

there F1 Therefore, the future aims to overcome all the difficulties that this generation of cars had to overcome and in which it fell again. The relative slowness of decision making can also be explained by this dynamic. this time International Automobile Federation She wants to do things right so she won’t be accused of missing the mark again.

author: Diego Catalano@diegocat1977

picture: F1, Scuderia Ferrari, Oracle Red Bull Racing