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Sports Medicine Champion at Welfair, Healthcare Expo

Sports Medicine Champion at Welfair, Healthcare Expo

It is a period of great sporting results for Italy. The Italian team welcomed the third edition of the European Games in Krakow with 100 podium finishes and 11 Olympic places. Numbers that have not been reached before and that are in addition to those announced at the beginning of the year. In fact, 2022 was a record year: 219 medals were won in Olympic disciplines at the European Championships and 102 at the World Championships, with Italy finishing third behind the USA and China. There are many components behind these successes. there However, the health of the athletes is the key factor: an indispensable condition for preparation at the highest levels.

To answer the specialized health demand required by sports activity, it exists Institute of Sports Medicine and Science at CONI, A center of excellence that makes the expertise of world-famous professionals available to athletes and citizens, guaranteeing expert advice and the latest generation of equipment. The center too Certified and referenced for sports cardiology by the European Society of Cardiology (ESC).

On this horizon, Connie E “Luxury, healthcare exhibition” An in-depth discussion will be scheduled on October 19 from 9.30am to 11.40am at the Fiera Roma headquarters. At the table – we read in a note – they will participate, among others, Carlo Mornati, Secretary General of CONI, Marco Scurco, Vice President of the Italian Federation of Sports Medicine – Fmsi, and Giampiero Pastore, President of the CONI Institute of Sports Medicine and Science.

“As we move towards the future – he emphasizes Fabio Casasoli, sole director of Fiera di Roma We realize that there are no longer single issues, but rather major transformational axes that require cooperation and discussion between institutions, science, and society. Good lifestyles, economics, healthy aging, development, and access to advanced technologies: they are all interconnected. The added value of Welfair, in addition to its innovative format, is that it has brought back the discussion to the capital on the topic of healthcare, which is necessary, strategic and interconnected with the main trends of the present time. “Rome is a privileged meeting point between government, agencies, large national bodies and regional administrations where the future of healthcare and health can be planned.”

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“Coordinating well-being – repeats the organizer Claudio Lo Tofo – It is a meeting between all players in the health supply chain in order to create new models of management and innovation. That’s why we define ourselves as a healthcare expo.”

The Kone Institute of Sports Medicine and Science – continues the note – lends itself well to this approach of comparison and interdisciplinarity due to the numerous collaborations with Italian universities and its ability to create a synthesis between medical and sports specializations. The Institute represents, in fact, the only health and scientific structure of CONI on national territory that has the institutional mission of protecting the health status of elite athletes, providing national sports federations with scientific knowledge to improve sports performance in light of Olympic and high-level commitments and promoting a sports culture aimed at the well-being of the individual. .

The impact of the Institute is not limited to competitive activity, but specialized knowledge can become a tool for prevention and good lifestyles for the entire population.

Sport is a preventive and health tool that can be invested in at the national and regional levels. However, according to Istat data – the note concludes – only 26.3% of Italians exercise continuously. The situation is especially worrying for young people, who have become more sedentary after Covid. Only 20% of people over 15 years of age devote 150 minutes per week to physical sports activity (in Sweden, for example, it is 60%). Communication and role modeling are very important: Nearly 8 in 10 children play sports when both parents are familiar with it, compared to just over 3 in 10 children when both parents do not.

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