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Inzaghi: “The derby? It's not an obsession. The promotion is about to end. Cyclo Inter will continue”

Inzaghi: “The derby? It's not an obsession. The promotion is about to end. Cyclo Inter will continue”

What is the difference between closing it immediately and extending the time? What did you improve?

I just have to thank the people who are with me, the players, because they are doing everything they can, and my collaborators, they have helped me a lot. Then I have a huge and strong club behind me, starting with the president, Marotta, Ausilio, Patchin, Ferri, Zanetti, all people who love Inter and are ready to help with every problem without making a decision alone but trying to find the right solution. Best solution together. Then the fans showed throughout the journey that they were there: I don't forget anything, Istanbul was a beautiful moment but also a bad one, or even the last day with Sampdoria, they were always with us, they dried our tears and today they are many here. We will go and say goodbye to them, they deserve it because we will never reach the finish line like this year because we all worked together, from the players to all the members. We work well and hard in terms of timing, in these three years we have always pushed hard: if it's tomorrow that's even better, but for me and the boys it's not an obsession.

What makes you happiest?

Victories and titles in football are important, but I am happy with what we have been able to achieve through cooperation with the team, the club and the fans: I lived in Milan for three years after I was 22 years old in Rome, after three months as a fan. For City, they were already praising Inter's way of playing, regardless of where they were in the table. To me it is the greatest compliment.

How would you humanly summarize these years?

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It was a tough match, we won a lot and lost, but with the coaching staff I didn't give up one bit: we worked harder after the defeats. The only thing I can do is always work hard and with the coaching staff, I was lucky enough to spend three years with great players. “When we reach the finish line, I will think about all the players who accompanied me: we lost some of them, but they also contributed to making this tournament.”

Chang's words? How much do you want to continue with this group?

I listened this morning, and I was very happy but it was not a surprise: there is a wonderful connection, and I can only thank him for the way he always behaves with me especially in the less wonderful moments. I'm happy for him because he's one of the most successful presidents in Inter's history, he deserves it, he cares a lot about the club. Regarding the renewal, we now only have one idea, as for the rest there will be a time and a way, knowing that I am very happy here because I have a very competent management and people who support me.

Can the cycle continue?

It is a cycle that must continue. If this trophy arrives, it will be the sixth in three years: it must continue. We have been working in football for years, and not all seasons are the same. We have a management behind us moving to be able to continue, but my thoughts are not on 2024/25 but on this season.

For me, he is a great coach and an excellent person: I dealt with him at Lazio, and he always gave me great preparation. He had a great trip in Milan, I can't say what the future will be like, I wish him the best as of Tuesday.

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Well, it worked well: he thrives on goals but is focused. There was the exclusion, and he hasn't played much since February 28: he's reserved, he's in very good shape.

Is the experience at Inter a gift for you?

Yes of course, it was an important journey: there were difficulties but we worked well and moved in one direction. We need to continue like this after these three years to remember: there are six games left to do our best, we are close to the finish line and we hope it will arrive as soon as possible.

More space for Buchanan?

Of course, all the players are available tomorrow except for Cuadrado, who was suffering from fatigue: he will be in the group on Tuesday, and we also wanted to do something today. I'm sorry, it's been working very well these past few weeks. I slowed down for a few days. For others, from now until the end, they will have to be good at gaining space but everyone will be ready to play.

What title would you give to a book summarizing your years at Inter?

You are better, it is difficult for me: but I am happy with the way we lived these three years. It was beautiful, a great union and the happiness of the fans: it's nice to feel how happy the fans are, we have to take the last step.

There are some doubts, the players have worked very well: today's training is missing, we will be 24 players and I will carry some doubts with me, let's hope we work well today.

What will this achievement add to your career?

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Naturally, this cup gives me great joy in my work. As a footballer I had important satisfaction, I won a lot with Lazio and now I hope I can continue as a coach: my brother is biased, and I was happy. There was a slight difference with him, I scored 98 goals, he 320: then I was technically conservative (laughs, editor).

We have to wait a moment: it is an excellent score, let us wait, in a month we will be clearer to do so.

How important is the Italian hard core?

Very important because we have many Italian players who have been here for years and support Inter: although they have been able to put in great performances, we are lucky enough to have a strong Italian core. Then foreigners have been in Italy for many years, and they know what it means to represent Inter. We have made 12 purchases and thanks to these old guys they have adapted better.

When did you feel you could win the Scudetto?

The hopes were there since the withdrawal and how we started in Japan in 40 degrees, the guys worked hard and in the right way. The journey was long, and we played many difficult matches: the direct confrontation with Juventus was very important for us.

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