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Record the guilt!!!  No. 4 in the world as panatta in 1976

Record the guilt!!! No. 4 in the world as panatta in 1976

Second win in a row for Jannik Sinner on Carlos Alcaraz (The balance of direct matches is now 4-3 for Blue), after the match in Miami last March, the South Tyrol player not only reached the final in Beijing (the twelfth of his career) But it allows Sinner to reach No. 4 in the world rankings for the first time.
The only Italian in the computer era who has previously reached fourth place is Adriano Panatta. On August 24, 1976, Adriano Panatta (without tournament play) became world No. 4 for the first time. #1 was Connors, 2 Borg, 3 Vilas, 4 Panata, 5 Nastasi, 6 Orantes, 7 Ash, 8 Ramirez, 9 Debs and 10 Solomon.
In next Monday’s ranking, Sinner will be in fourth place: in front of him, Djokovic, Alcaraz, and Medvedev, behind Tsitsipas, Ruhn, Rublev, Fritz, Ruud, and Zverev.
Panata remained at #4 in the world for 3 weeks: from 24 August to 12 September. On 13 September 1976, following Jimmy Connors’ success over Bj√∂rn Borg in the US Open final, Nastase again overtook Panatta, who had fallen to No. 5 in the world and then finished the year in No. 7.
As world No. 4, Panatta reached the quarterfinals in Boston (defeated by Borg) and lost in the second round in Forest Hills to Bill Scanlon. In the same period Nastase won the South Orange Championship in the final over Roscoe Tanner and reached the semi-finals at Forest Hills losing to Bjorn Borg.

Sinner will be the 85th tennis playerSince the existence of the computerized ranking, there have been as many as the top four in the world rankings: 28 tennis players have reached world number one, 13 players have reached at most second place, 19 players have reached at most third place, and 25 players have reached at most fourth place.
Sinner created this ranking thanks to reaching the semi-finals of Wimbledon, the round of 16 in Flushing Meadows and Melbourne, winning the Canadian Open, the final in Miami, the semi-finals in Monte Carlo and Indian Wells, the final in Rotterdam and Beijing, to the quarter-finals in Halle, Barcelona and Vienna 2022, to Winning in Montpellier and semi-final in Sofia 2022.
It is very likely that Sinner will end the season in a position that no Italian tennis player has reached in the computer era. If South Tyrolean remains in fourth place, it will be second only to Nicola Pietrangeli, No. 3 in the world rankings at the end of 1959 and 1960.

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