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Cayman Islands: what do you know and what do you see

Cayman Islands: what do you know and what do you see

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The Cayman Islands archipelago consists of three atolls where nature almost unchallenged dominates the area. A trip to the Cayman Islands can focus on relaxation, aiming to sunbathe on the place’s postcard beaches, or fun-filled from sunset onwards, among lounge bars, discos, and reggae music. During the day, it will be an unforgettable experience to tour the islands, discover their rich and unique fauna, as well as dive into the turquoise and crystal waters for snorkeling and water sports.

Where are the Cayman Islands located?

Where are the Cayman Islands located? Well, the Cayman Islands are the islands of the Caribbean: to be precise, again in terms of the Cayman Islands and where they are located, the archipelago defined by three atolls develops between the northwestern part of Jamaica and the southern part of Cuba. Name each island one of the Cayman Islands? The archipelago consists of Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac, and the capital is George Town. Looking at the flag of the Cayman Islands, you can see the details of Union Jack: it is, in fact, the so-called British Overseas Territory, that is, it is islands under the sovereignty of the United Kingdom, where the official language is English. The Cayman Islands also belong to the United Nations list of Non-Self-Governing Territories.

Taking a step back, and continuing to observe the Cayman Islands where they are, one can guess that they were on the path of Christopher Columbus, who discovered them in the early sixteenth century, then became a place of hegemonic English raids and piracy, and, finally, Jamaica: only at the end of the fifties, with Union of the West Indies, there was a first step towards independence from Jamaica. However, in the 1960s, the Cayman Islands returned to rule by England. In the current collective imagination, the Cayman Islands are associated with banks and represent a tax haven: as shown, however, in addition to this, there is so much, in fact, that precisely as to where the Cayman Islands are, it would be more appropriate to consider them an earthly paradise.

What do you see in the Cayman Islands?

In the Caribbean there are places for postcards: So, what do you see in the Cayman Islands? The white beaches certainly remain one of the main reasons to organize a trip to the Cayman Islands right away: one of the most beautiful is Seven Mile Beach. Still talking about the sea, which is blue and transparent, by going to Stingray City, you will be able to see countless rays swimming among the reefs: an unmissable sight. Tropical animals of the Cayman Islands can live in a convenient environment, just like sea turtles – the Cayman Turtle Farm is their sanctuary.

Flora is also the protagonist of the archipelago, and in addition to the lush wild plants, there is the botanical garden, which was opened by Queen Elizabeth II in the mid-1990s, and is dedicated to her. Among the oldest buildings, then, is the one in which the National Museum of the Cayman Islands and Pedro St. James’s Castle, from the end of the eighteenth century, are located. It is clearly worth a visit to George Town, where you can also enjoy shopping, tasting typical produce, sipping excellent local rum, and a sparkling nightlife spurred on by discos and parties. The archipelago’s smallest island, Little Cayman, is home to only a hundred people: among its main attractions are Bloody Bay and Jackson Bite, where you can go snorkeling. On the other hand, Cayman Brac attracts climbing enthusiasts due to its steep rocky faces.

How do you go to the Cayman Islands?

Putting aside the “myth” of the tax haven and to better understand the biodiversity of the place, how do you go to the Cayman Islands? Certainly the desire to leave is great, so all that remains is to search for a flight from Italy to Miami, and once you stop here, via the local company of Cayman Airlines, set off on another flight to Grand Cayman Island, where is Cayman Airport, and can be reached in about An hour and thirty minutes.

When to visit the Cayman Islands?

Far-away travel destinations always involve careful planning in various respects: for example, when do you go to the Cayman Islands? The most favorable period seems to be that from the end of November to April, the months during which the trade winds lead to a decrease in humidity and temperatures of no more than thirty degrees.

Cayman Islands Resort

To pamper yourself with the perfect vacation in the Caribbean, you can consider staying in a resort in the Cayman Islands: the greatest amenities, even for those who want to organize everything independently, are located near the main centers, such as Georgetown.