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Europeans, from Ilaria Salis to Mimmo Lucano, grow small Soumahoros

Europeans, from Ilaria Salis to Mimmo Lucano, grow small Soumahoros

From vice boots to chain-wearing teacher, it's a moment. Nicola Fratoianni and Angelo Bonelli bring a new model to Europe and capture Ilaria Challis, symbol of the New Left campaign from the Democratic Party. The author, who is awaiting trial in Orbán's Hungary, took a seat in the Greens and Left coalition, after a tense day in which denials and confirmations were chased between the two biggest names in the party, how the author was prepared to sign Foglio's indiscretion from his room in Budapest.

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Official announcement before 7pm. “In agreement with Roberto Sallis, the Green and Left coalition has decided to nominate his daughter Ilaria, who is detained in Hungary, in a situation of grave violations of people's rights, on its lists in the next European elections,” reads a note from Avs. «In these hours, national leadership groups are discussing the methods of this election, which aims to protect the rights and dignity of a European citizen, and has refused to get a quick release from prison in favor of house arrest from the inertia of the Italian authorities. with the final decision of the Hungarian judges.”

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It will be the leader in the North West. Fratoianni and Bonelli, with this move, “hope to create a big and generous battle around the candidacy of Ilaria Salis, so that the European Union defends the principles of law and reaffirms the violation of fundamental human rights throughout its borders. In every member state”. In short, it's an ideological choice, but if elected, it's essentially aimed at freeing the 39-year-old teacher from Orban's chains. girl At least that's the intention of the two left-wing leaders, but it's not that simple. In fact, in light of some announcements that appear to be uncertain signs, the candidacy will complicate the situation.

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“Illaria Salis' candidacy for the European elections will not change the work of the government”, assured Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni of diplomatic commitment to teachers' rights, but “I have already said that politicizing this matter will not help”. Along the same lines are the words of Salis' Hungarian lawyer, Giorgi Magyar, who spoke of an uncertain situation, despite confirming that his party would have parliamentary immunity in the event of an election. Ahead of the vote, political action could trigger a strong reaction from the court. A situation in which the leaders of the Green and Left coalition discussed the candidacy back and forth in detail throughout the day, questioning the announcements of the contract with Roberto Sallis for his daughter's race, Bonelli's 'air' denial blows, in La7. Forza Italia MP Alessandro Cattaneo's ironic joke echoed in the studio: “After Saumahoro they are very cautious.”

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If Challis doesn't get the necessary votes to be elected, it should spell boomerang for the Bonelli-Fradoianni duo, just like Aboubakar. On his first day, the defender of the Laborers' League, in rubber boots, crossed the threshold of Montessidorio and entered Parliament by coalition. It was only then that, for his family, the reception was just business, Apo tried to call “the right to elegance”, while his wife Lilian Murekadet and his mother-in-law Maria Therese Muhamitsindo ended up in handcuffs. An investigation into spending millions of euros from hospitality on holidays and designer clothes. The same reception that has now led Bonelli and Fratoianni to nominate Mimmo Lugano in Europe, ex-mayor Rías was acquitted on appeal of 13 years in prison for the model, when the system collapsed over alleged abuses in the management of migrants. .

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