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Vespa from the world, the Philippines on two wheels with George

Vespa from the world, the Philippines on two wheels with George

They are like the crow flies More than 10 thousand kilometers Pontedera should be separated from the capital Manila Philippines. An archipelagic country with more than 7 thousand islands, it is located in one of the regions that first welcomed the internationalization of Piaggio.

And for this reason, The Passion for Vespa It's huge and millions of people use it every day to get home from work. Many options GeorgeHe decided to visit Pontedera to see the birthplace of the Vespa for the first time.

“We came in AirplaneIt is a long journey – he said – ours Association It's so big, 17 of us came to Pontedera and we're aiming to stay until Sunday (April 21, ed), so that we can enjoy the whole party and visit the area in our own way.”

“I had already been to Italy once, while this was the first time for Pontedera – he added – We have already visited the Piaggio factory, was very exciting. I never saw how the Vespa was made.”

A passion for the Vespa, like many of his compatriots, saw it rumbling through the streets of his city. “I'm at home Many models, starting from the sixties, until the most recent ones are all different – he concluded – and I, when I'm in the Philippines, always drive a Vespa: it's a comfortable, fast vehicle. Over time, we got it A way of life“.