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Incredible Hi-Nova Question Can the US ban on Huawei really come around?

Incredible Hi-Nova Question Can the US ban on Huawei really come around?

For a few years Huawei is in a kind of “limb” position on the smartphone side. In fact, a currently well-known barrier from the United States prevents the popular brand from using popular Google services, something that Honor can now do (“being separated” from the parent company). . However, there may be news.

In fact, according to the report Kitchena And XiaomiMIUI, Huawei will study solutions for rebooting smartphones with all the classic services accessible to other manufacturers. In this context, in the last few hours a possibility that is said to be unbelievable has been leaked online: The name that could “turn” Huawei’s business is Hi Nova.

What is it about? The reference to a brand that appeared in China in 2021 is owned by China Post (which is owned by the Chinese government). An interesting aspect of this has been spotted recently Devices like Hi Nova 9 SE 5G have been introduced in China, Which is very reminiscent of Huawei’s classic models. Incidentally, there is an agreement between Huawei and China Post from 2019 onwards. Sources say the “practice” will soon be: Huawei can make smartphones and China Post can sell them.

In doing so, as always rumored, The Hi Nova brand can bypass the US ban, Brings other marketing devices “assembled” by Huawei, but with Google Post integrated with Google components and services (not subject to any limits linked to the US). However, we reiterate that for the time being nothing is conclusive and has only been mentioned carelessly. Does Huawei really follow such a pattern? We will see.

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