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Snow comes and flakes at increasingly low altitudes (mountains) in the Alps and Apennines

Snow comes and flakes at increasingly low altitudes (mountains) in the Alps and Apennines

Snow falls in the Alps

Phase of the cold worst weather in Italy: With the expected drop in temperatures, snow will return at lower altitudes. After the Alps, now comes the turn of the Apennines. On Friday 19 April, snow will push towards central-southern Italy, affecting the entire Apennine sector. From Abruzzo Molisewith scales up to 1000-1200 meters. There is no dearth of snow in the mountains either Basilicata And CalabriaAlthough at a slightly higher altitude.

Then our focus returns Over the weekend and early next week A second, and still cold Cyclone, Coming down from northern Europe, it will hit Italy, starting a phase Bad weather with winter-like characteristics. In addition to the further drop in temperature we expect Heavy snowfall up to the mountain (500 meters above sea level) in the Ligurian interior, Piedmont (Valleys of Cuneo, Monferrato, Langhe, Turin) and Valle d'Asta. Much of the snow in the rest of the Alps is flaky from about 900 meters above sea level.

Areas at risk of snow (indicated in pink) and height at which flakes fall
It will be for all intents and purposes A significant weather event Considering that we are now nearing the end of April, and coming off a period of unusually warm weather; In recent years we have witnessed more and more Climate radicalization Between these important figures in the atmosphere the differences between the different air masses (ice from the North Pole, heat rising from Africa) in the middle of the battlefield with Italy are at play due to the high energy force at play.

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