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US: 118th Congress sworn in, Pelosi – deadlock after North America

US: 118th Congress sworn in, Pelosi – deadlock after North America

(ANSA) – Washington, 03 January – The 118th US Congress took office today, the youngest and most unusual, with a traditional inauguration ceremony and a vote for the election of the speaker, which opens after the Pelosi era. Republicans won the midterms again by a narrow majority (222 seats). However, his successor in Pectore, Kevin McCarthy, currently lacks the required 218 votes and may need several more rounds, as Republican Frederick Gillette was re-elected in 1923 for the first time in 100 years. Ninth Ballot. About two dozen party mates have not announced how they will vote, and five are firmly against him amid questions about his conservative credentials and various personal disputes. It is a patrol of far-right representatives and more Trumpists who hold him politically hostage and are destined to increase their visibility, their blocking and conditioning power by any means necessary.

If McCarthy fails to change the minds of his opponents with promised big concessions on various fronts, Italian-American congressman Louisiana Steve Scalise could emerge as an alternative, more ideological and closer to the right. Majority in the House. (handle).

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