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Elisabetta Gregoracci, where does your beloved showgirl live?  The view is amazing, light colors and very elegant furnishings

Elisabetta Gregoracci, where does your beloved showgirl live? The view is amazing, light colors and very elegant furnishings

Where does Elisabetta Gregoracci live? The famous showgirl lives in a house that is nothing short of crazy, very stylish, and has a stunning view.

The story of Elisabetta Gregoracci is beyond doubt One of the most famous facesI am from the national business. Presenter, showgirl, etc. Over the years, the Calabrian artist has come a long way, establishing herself as a real celebrity on the small screen. But the beautiful Elizabeth is not only famous on TV! also On the Internet, the former Mrs. Briatore never ceases to intrigue her fansIt presents the various moments of his private life.

Where does showgirl Elisabetta Gregoracci live? Ansa photo (

Between work and family, Gregoracci never fails to engage with the many fans who follow her, showing herself to them in many different guises. Professional celebrity presenter, Nathan Falco’s busy mom, daughter, caring friend, and celebrity niece Elisabetta loves to share a lot about herself on social networks.

Here the famous presenter shows herself at social events and at home, relaxing in her gorgeous home. There weren’t many fans on the Internet who were so intrigued by the pictures Gregoracci shared, they wondered where the famous showgirl lives. His home is nothing short of crazy, this is where he lives.

Elisabetta Gregoracci, where do you live? The ultra-luxury home is driving fans crazy

As reported fan pagesElisabetta Gregoracci has not lived in Italy for years. The famous Calabrian showgirl, in fact, For some time I moved abroad, or rather, to Monte Carlo. Here is the presenter Live beats He lives in a dream apartment, furnished in an elegant and delicious way, and with a stunning view to say the least.

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Elisabetta Gregorassi House
A few glimpses of Elisabetta Gregoraci’s house – official IG profile picture @elisabettagregoracireal (

Elisabetta herself shows her home through social channels. Here, in fact, Gregoracci often shares photos and videos in which she is the protagonist, in which it is impossible not to notice a few glimpses of her stunning home. From the shots you can see the elegant furnishings, combined with the light colors that dominate throughout the house. Even the bedroom is very refined, decorated with charming and light-filled accessories. And last but not least, there is the wonderful terrace from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view.

Born in 1980, Elisabetta Gregoracci is one of the main artists of the moment. In addition to her career on the small screen, the Calabrian showgirl has become a true celebrity: gorgeous, talented and beloved by the public.