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Stefania Orlando, l’addio: ormai non c’è più…

Stefania Orlando, Bye: Now I’m Gone…

Those who follow Stefania Orlando on social media will note that the presenter, the former Big Brother Vip 5 competitor, has not recently provided any updates on Instagram. Here comes the fan questions: What happened to Stefania Orlando? With a long post, here comes the farewell…

Stefania Orlando For some time it was not active on social. After sharing in Big Brother Vip 5, Where he also reached the last Earning the public’s sympathy thanks to her spontaneity, sincerity, and sometimes even sophisticated, Orlando began working on television again, first on the show. like that which appearsthen as a commentator de live the life.

Not only that, fans obviously kept following Sui social, where is she Stefania Orlando She loved to share the moments of her day, which she also spent in the company of her husband, Simone Gianlorenzi. For some time, however, I Followers subordinate Orlando Note Absence More and more, why? Former competitor of GF Vip Uncover the reason…

Stefania Orlando decided to leave

Stefania Orlando, Answer questions Followers From Instagram Who were wondering why he was absent from social media, admitted the reason why he decided to take a pause. Presenter and songwriter wanted To thank all of you Worry For her, not seeing her constantly on Instagram anymore, and reassuring them by saying that everything is fine:

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Thank you all for the interest you have shown me through many private messages asking me if everything is OK and how I am. I’m fine thanks, everything is fine and Nothing in order. I took the time to savor life without the madness of having to capture every moment of it.

Not only, Stefania Orlando He admitted that he no longer felt comfortable in a world social, Where there is now an atmosphere no longer as light and carefree as it once was:

Lately I’ve noticed that people on social media like to argue a lot, no matter what the reason, topic, or topic is, an argument is about anything. I can no longer find that lightness of the past, escaping from the reality that gave me joy and fun, it’s all like that overwrought!

So, at the moment, Stefania Orlando It will pay off a little, but he promised sooner or later Will be back!

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