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Elemental has (already) arrived on streaming: this is how the new Disney cycle begins

Elemental has (already) arrived on streaming: this is how the new Disney cycle begins

We know very well that I am Cinema The streaming platforms themselves are going through a period of deep crisis. As if there is a real lack of interest on the part of the public in everything related to the world of entertainment. Theaters suffer from competition with Streaming platforms And online paid channels themselves are unable to stay afloat. The world is at stake, yet no one wants to give up. Not even the Disney+ giant wants to do this, although it has a problem Economic crisis Unprecedented since the birth of the platform, the streaming channel continues to enrich its catalog with TV series and films a few months after its arrival in cinemas. It happened with the little Mermaid, with Avatar 2 – which nevertheless did well at the box office – and now hopes to achieve the same vision with… racist. The Disney/Pixar animated film, which was presented as a closing event at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival, arrived in Italy and in cinemas in June of the same year. Surprisingly, the film is still showing in some theaters in our country, but it has become available for streaming for Disney+ subscribers as of September 13.

A very symbolic case is the case racist. Although it received fairly positive reviews from critics, the Disney/Pixar film was anything but realistic Box office phenomenon So much so that there was talk of A Flop sound, kind of like what happened with Luca and Lightyear (who came straight into the network). However, over the months, and with small efforts, the film managed to stay afloat. With a total of just $29 million, it is approaching the $500 million worldwide total so far. Thanks to word of mouth and attendance, specifically, in the rooms, racist Thus, A New course For Disney and animation for teens. But is the movie worth watching? It’s definitely not the best but it’s still enjoyable overall.

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The story of Amber, the girl who caught fire

A simple but effective plot for racist. The title refers to the fictional Elemental City. In this wonderful and “magical” place four elements – fire, water, earth and air – live in harmony, in communion with each other. Ember, the protagonist, is pFiery girlDaughter of an immigrant originally from Tierra del Fuego. It has a common presence and Destiny is already written. When she grows up, she will inherit her father’s shop, but her dreams are big and she hopes to be the architect of her own destiny. She meets Wade and falls in love with him Water boy, an outsider and full of whimsy, works as a health inspector. Despite the difficulties, the two decided to defy the ban on mixing different items and start a relationship. From the story of “Forbidden” comes a unique love that challenges anyone, even women Social traditions. But once they overcome the difficulties, will Ember and Wade be able to find their happy ending?

Choral tale

An animated but digital film (shot in a very realistic way) that offers a contemporary look – without being too over the top and not shying away from the delirium of political correctness – to tell. An intense, inventive and well-made love story Between two “people” who come from two completely opposite worlds. Playing with the essence of the four elements Sarcasm and prudenceIt allowed the film to range between different themes and suggest something new about the “problem” of diversity. an idea racist It’s simple and comes from a childhood memory of Peter Son, the director, who revealed in a recent interview that: “My parents immigrated to the United States from Korea in the early 1970s and opened a grocery store there in the Bronx,” he says. “I was part of a family,” he says. Many people who ventured into a new land full of dreams and hopes, in a world where different cultures and languages ​​meet. This is what prompted me to tell the story in the film.” Not one 2D story But something that can embrace specific values ​​that have been lost for some time.

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Of failure and success: the racist “like”.

A film that will definitely end up in textbooks. match quietly With acquisitions made with headlines reporting failure, Elemental is the first Disney feature film to reverse its “turn,” despite the difficult period the entire supply chain has been through. In recent weeks there has been a surprise: what all analysts described as a resounding failure, has instead turned into a colossal failure. Gradual and flexible success. Although Elemental established itself as a critical failure in Pixar’s 28-year history upon its opening, the film has proven to hold up in theaters throughout its existence. In two months, it collected $148 million in North America and $425 million worldwide. This means doubling the initial results five times.

“It was definitely disappointing at first,” Pixar president Jim Morris admitted in an interview. diverse In reference to the first weekend of programming. However, in the following weeks something changed. “The numbers have gone down a bit. In some markets we’ve seen a 12% drop, in some markets tickets have increased, whereas normally we would expect a 50% collapse.” The president believes this is because the Elemental story is something that “can reach everyone and all cultures.”

“Hybrid” movie.

We have repeatedly pointed out how far it was Interesting movie, fun but not quite up to the standards of previous Disney/Pixar works, it’s still a good “house of ideas” product. It is, in fact, a film that faithfully reflects the poetics of Disney but is also a hybrid film, because it is intended for a young and indulgent audience but it is also a project that the whole family can enjoy, which is able to tell a “universal” story of love, a little vulgar in its development, but effective in its intentions.

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