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Fake heiress Anna Delvey is hosting a fashion show but the police arrive: she is under house arrest

Fake heiress Anna Delvey is hosting a fashion show but the police arrive: she is under house arrest

Only she, the Queen of Fraud, can do it Anna Delfi SorokinWhich, because of the amazing story in which she became its heroine, made Netflix a hugely successful TV series, Anna’s invention. Everyone who has seen her or read the news knows very well what this woman is capable of, but for the few who don’t know her, she is a 32-year-old Russian scammer with German citizenship and her real surname. Sorokinwho rose to the heights of popularity in New York by pretending to be a very rich heiress.

Incredibly true story

Even if it does resemble a serial screenwriter, it is a true story, culminating in 2017 with an arrest, and in 2019 with a conviction for fraud crimes with a four-year prison term in the United States, later reduced to two years for good behavior. She was imprisoned again because she did not have a visa, the famous American green card. About a year ago, the faux socialite star was serving her sentence in her prestigious New York apartment in the East Village, and from there, given the craziness of Fashion Week in the Big Apple, she thought of making a comeback in a big way, organizing a modeling campaign on the roof of his building.

Red carpet on the roof

Apparently unable to move from the house, she had an electronic bracelet on her feet that she marked with her initials, and sought help from a known friend of hers in the United States, a public relations officer. Kelly Cutrone With which he founded an agency with a name that leaves little to the imagination: Outlaw agencyliterally “Outlaw agencyThe fashion show was hosted by the emerging Chinese designer Shao Yang, a recent graduate of Parsons School of Design in New York. Needless to say, the media hype was probably due more to the organizers than to the designer, and it attracted journalists, spectators and personalities from all over New York, creating such a sensation that it also attracted the police who had to intervene to restore public order to clear the area, but also to understand whether Delvey has violated the law in any way.

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Big applause for her

Anna welcomed all the guests to her home and made statements, as did her business partner Kelly Cutrone in the prestigious fashion magazine World Water Day -Women’s clothing daily- He said:Anna is the queen of pop culture, visionary, sweet and a strong personalityReiterating his decision to continue working with her in the future as well, with a podcast bearing her name Anna Delvey Show. Delvay then defended herself, declaring again to the same magazine that she was not a false heiress and that the story told about her, even the Netflix story, was a bit fictional: “Anyone who bothers to look at my case will understand that this is not the story. I’m just someone trying to figure out how to move forward in life. I have made mistakes that have become public knowledge, I just have to deal with them differently than those who make them in private“.

Genius scam

Although the show did not end well after the police arrived, it should be noted that Delphi knows very well how to draw attention to herself and how to make it stay. So, while even the biggest American and international stars moved in for the fashion shows, Anna moved the fashion show to her home, knowing full well that even with agents arriving, there would be global coverage of the event. In short, a genius, albeit a fraud.