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Elections in Switzerland live results |  The conservative right is on the rise, Verdi is on the decline

Elections in Switzerland live results | The conservative right is on the rise, Verdi is on the decline

in Swiss there The nationalist right is largely in the lead in the elections To renew Parliament, at the expense of The greens; while The more moderate formations (socialists, liberals, and centrists) show signs of cohesionThese are the signals coming from the consultations that will lead to the renewal of the two chambers represented in Bern (200 deputies and 46 senators) for the next four years.

The result is that currently, It should not lead to major changes in federal policy.

The UDC is a right-wing nationalist party The majority party by a large margin, close to 29% of consensus and progress of more than 3 percentage points. An embodiment of the Swiss neutrality line and an advocate of policy Closure towards immigrants It does not represent anything new for Switzerland – unlike many European countries – as it has been the most voted formation for some time. In this election round However, it strengthens its weight In favor of the political formation farthest from the UDF, i.e. the Green Party, which fell by about three percentage points to 9%. The Liberal Greens, a center-right environmental group, also declined, stopping at 7%.

Among the two extreme wings, little seems to have moved: Socialists get one percentage point (17%). to lie Centrists and liberals compete for the third most representative position.

The result of today’s consultations reflects what opinion polls predicted. The progress of the right, as mentioned, was offset by the stability of secular and centrist formations, There will be no changes to the policy adopted by Bern, which in recent years has witnessed a major break with the past. The first above all: breaking the line of neutrality that had lasted for centuries, when the conflict broke out between Russia and Ukraine. Switzerland had joined the European Union by adopting the same economic sanctions against Moscow (It must be remembered that many oligarchs have their assets deposited in Swiss banks) And at the same time The government had given the green light to provide military support to Kiev. despite of The UDC opposes this policyThe Swiss position should not change.

The return of the conservative right (whose 29% is not the maximum ever achieved in Swiss election history) appears to stem from immigration concerns. During the election campaign, the CDU portrayed the fact that the resident population had exceeded the threshold of 10 million as a negative fact.

The final results It is expected in the evening.

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