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Garden Gnome: The Story Will Leave You Speechless |  That’s why it’s important to have one

Garden Gnome: The Story Will Leave You Speechless | That’s why it’s important to have one

Have you ever wondered why there is a habit of filling your garden with statues? Let’s find out what’s behind it!

Do you like garden statues? These dwarfs have been used as decoration for a long time, since the nineteenth century, and the first models were produced in Germany and were made of clay or plaster. In 1840, they also began to appear in the Anglo-Saxon world. The manufacturers of these garden statues were Philipp Grebel and August Hessner, Two big names from Germany.

However, with the World Wars, many statues produced in the 19th century were destroyed. Starting in the 1960s and 1980s, they began to be reproduced again, especially in plastic. The Czech Republic and Poland in particular were known for their cheaper versions. But why is there this tradition of placing statues in your garden? The story goes back to folklore, so let’s look at it together.

Garden gnomes: a symbol of good luck

In folk stories, dwarves and gnomes often had a function sProtecting treasures spread around the world. The story of the Irish leprechaun who hides a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is very famous. It is precisely for this feeling of protection that dwarves are often placed around the house to protect the home and the families living within. It is a connection to the ancient world. In fact, in ancient times, farmers often used garden gnomes to protect their fields from thieves and various animals.


Why not buy a nice pair? (

The word itself “gnome”, It is a word derived from Latin and means “”terrestrial”” In many German stories, legends and fairy tales, these inhabitants were used to guard the treasures found beneath. In almost all the stories, there is no real description of the dwarves, at least nothing this deep.

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However, the garden gnomes always have more or less the same appearance: a white beard, a simple suit, and a pointed red hat. There is, too Garden gnomes in the female versionMost often, these versions also feature simple clothing with wide skirts, a pointed hat, and long braids. Some of the dwarves have taken on the typical features of Snow White’s seven dwarfs!

It’s not uncommon to see these dwarves in really weird poses. Some have glasses of wine, others are bathing, others have garden tools, others are resting on chairs, and others have been converted into lamps.

Apart from the traditional purpose, which is to protect the home, they are also beautiful objects They can make the environment more enjoyable. And you, will you buy a garden gnome?

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