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Cats go into circles: try it.  That’s why they don’t resist

Cats go into circles: try it. That’s why they don’t resist

Have you ever wondered why cats get into anything that has a round shape? This is the explanation for their behavior.

Cats, like all animals, often take on deities Certain behaviors It is not always easy to understand the reasons for their choices.

This is why cats always come round –

Among the different things that cats do, there is one in particular that leaves many people confused, but at the same time makes you want to try to find out if your pet is also behaving in the same way. It seems that The more cats find round shapes On the floor, whether it’s drawings, signs made with tape, or toys, They feel the need to enter And stay there for a while. This behavior clearly raises many questions, and thanks to the help of some vets we seem to have come to understand why they do the way they do things.

This is why cats get into circles: vets explain it

This trend was born from photos and Video posted by photographer Guermike On his personal blog, he showed how to make your pet repeat this strange behavior. Not long after, the Internet was filled with photos and videos of people trying to reproduce this behavior in their cats as well.

Cats and circles
Have you also tried this trend with your cat? –

In fact, many photos have gone viral These animals are placed inside circles made in different ways, such as using clothes, toys, ropes, adhesive tape, or even electrical extension cords, all of which are placed in a circle and placed on the ground. The result obtained is always the same, which is to see the cat sitting inside this circle a few seconds after it is created.

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with regard to The reason why all cats behave this wayVeterinarians and experts have expressed their opinions on this subject, without denying their bewilderment and doubts, thus risking some hypotheses instead of giving certainty. According to some professionals this position seems to be due to the great curiousity It is part of cats, while others believe that this stems from the need of these animals to have their own, specific and well-defined place. However, there are still other opinions that assume this is a way to Draws attention On oneself or hiding, and realizing the circle as a protective barrier that can be resorted to.