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Holz fuss, Leonard swaps, World Cup of Poker players: The Social Corner of Vegas

Holz fuss, Leonard swaps, World Cup of Poker players: The Social Corner of Vegas

This week of the World Series of Poker featured a Phil Hellmuth 17th bracelet and a rocket start to the main event.

But even far from the green tables, not a few happened …

Let’s see the top Social Week facts from Las Vegas.

Holes axes

Upon arriving last week in the City of Lights, Fedor Holz was immediately very active on his Twitter account. Yesterday, at the start of Day 1D of the WSOP main event, he posted a picture of his first hand:

“Okay, this is the first hand. Maybe I’ll win it.”

A sensation because the terrible German couldn’t make it to day 2. After being shorted due to a lack of clothing, Holz was eliminated at the last level of the day with five pockets.

World Cup in Las Vegas

Poker players are well aware that physical appearance is essential to performing at their best on the green tables. Among the various sports that are practiced, there is definitely a universal sport that connects all the professionals of the two cards. It is football, of course.

Thanks to Timothy Adams, we know that in a few hours in Las Vegas, the “World Cup of Poker Players” will begin.

Italy is in the qualifying group along with Bulgaria, Spain and the United States. Two UK representatives who will be participating in the event. Stay tuned to see who will win!

Bonomo and WSOP

We put the photo on our Facebook page, and it wasn’t Few note anomalies.

Bonomo is back on threats from ban From the World Series of Poker players who would have posted the now famous flop with two of the three of spades on social networks.

“What is WSOP’s policy regarding posting images like this? – asks Bonomo sarcastically on Twitter.

If you haven’t noticed, the cards on the table belong to two different floors!

Leonard’s doubts about the major trade-offs

In the main event, as you know, stock trading is the order of the day. But sometimes complications can arise. On his Twitter profile, Leonard identified a border issue.

“Player A exchanges 5% of the main player with player B. Player A plays Day 1A and packs 150,000 chips, Player B plans to play Day 1D but takes COVID and has to give up. How much does Player B owe Player A?”

I got many answers. For Mosta’s teammate, Pierre Calamosa, for example, player B owes player A nothing at all. Then there are those who made the mockery by saying that player B owes COVID to player A.

However, according to Leonard, the solution is quite simple: in the future, Player A will get the same amount of spin as Player B for the same amount traded 5% in the main event.