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Via Francigena

Via Francigena, 512 thousand euros for new roads and tracks in 42 km from Piacenza

New and more usable cycle tracks and tracks, Protected roads along busy roads. The Via Francigena email extension is ready for your transformation. These are, in fact, the main reinforcing interventions that matter 138 km from Via Emilian to Via Francigenawhich runs from Ford Segreco in the municipality of Calendasco (computer) To the Apennine mountain range in the municipality of Berceto (PR). Thanks to the coordination of the region and the teamwork done with the regions, Between 2022 and 2025 the works will be carried out in the amount of one million and 650 thousand euros of ministerial funds allocated to Emilia Romagna As part of the Development and Cohesion Plan, out of a total of 14 million distributed over all nine regions participating in the programme. Twelve municipalities in the region receive the resources, including six in the province of Piacenza, which cost more than 512,000 euros and six in the province of Parma with more than 1.1 million euros.

Presentation 12 projects In the presence of the regional advisor for tourism and mobility, Andrea CorsiniOn the occasion of the meeting at the Magnani Theater in Fidenza, to assess the funding and interventions funded by the Ministry of Culture. “The resources dedicated to our region are important and give a good idea of ​​the role that Emilia Romagna plays in the history of the itinerary of this world – Corsini confirms -. Thanks to the respective regions and the dialogue that has taken place in recent years with the Ministry of Culture, the municipalities can finally move forward with the start of the planned and necessary works to allow improving the usability of partitions in our lands.” “I am therefore calling on the municipalities – continues the commissioner – to speed up the appointments and act immediately to make most of the route viable by next spring, thus preparing to welcome pedestrians and cyclists to this part of the journey. Unique, touches beautiful villages and allows you to experience nature, culture and sport outside the traditional tourist destinations.

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Between Parma and Piacenza: the municipalities affected by the works – Piacenza section of the track 42 km and the relevant municipalities Piacenza, Calendasco, Pontenure, Cadeo, Alseno and Fiorenzuola. For the Parma region, the length of the road is 96 km and touches the municipalities of Fidenza, Medisano, Nosito, Perseto, Fornovo Taro and Trinzo. Here the investment is also greater because it mostly relates to interventions in mountainous areas to arrange particularly damaged trails. Resources will be transferred directly from the Ministry of Culture to the individual municipalities. The first advance of 5% of the allocated loan can already be requested. Construction sites should be commissioned by December 2022, and works, with relevant certifications and reports, should be completed by 2025.

Via Francigena – There are more than three thousand kilometers from Via Francigena from Canterbury to Rome and towards Santa Maria di Luca. A red thread uniting Europe of peoples and cultures, touching 5 states, 16 regions and more than 600 municipalities. The road crosses Kent in the UK; the Haute-de-France, Grand Est and Bourgogne-Franche-Comté regions of France; The cantons of Vaud and Valais in Switzerland; and the provinces of Valle d’Aosta, Piedmont, Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, Liguria, Tuscany, Lazio, Campania, Basilicata and Puglia, in Italy. Finally, in Rome, the State of the Vatican.