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Earthquake in Naples, Camby Flegre region: Strongest shock in 40 years

Earthquake in Naples, Camby Flegre region: Strongest shock in 40 years

Lots of fear, but very little damage. However, such a strong shock in the Campi Flegrei area (Naples) It had not been felt for about forty years since the 1983-84 fratricism crisis. At 3.12 pm today, the earth shook again at an altitude of 2,700 meters Under the Solpatara valley, And on that land and sea connecting Naples with Pozzuoli. An earthquake measuring 3.5 on the Richter scale Enough to knock the whole family down the street, the nightmare returned. Moments of tension – especially – were recorded in residential districts Monterusilo (Usually slightly affected by the event).

The main event – with a roar – took place just before midnight yesterday A meeting of sixteen minor events Six less serious events in the minutes following it. Local civil defense men in the Pozzuoli field and the metropolitan police monitor the situation. The shock was felt not only in Gamby Flegreylo, or in the suburbs of Bosvoli and other Flegrean municipalities, but also in Naples, causing panic and leaving the workplace for fear of collapsing.
This was especially felt on the upper floors of buildings. There have been numerous reports from the mountainous districts of Naples (Vomero and Collie Amini) and off the coast of Merkelina. Very frightened by the shock that lasted for several seconds, it shook the chandeliers and made the bookshelves scream.

Solpatara has been under surveillance for several months since the resumption of seismic activity: “Prodigy is a physiological one close to Gambi Flegri and Solpatara – try to reassure the director of the Vesuvius laboratory. Francesca White – We have been noticing for some time that there is an earthquake mass in that area which is naturally subject to Protestantism. Finally, a delirious activity in recent days. But no one can predict an earthquake. It is clear that we will now analyze today’s event in light of the impact it has on the soil uplift. The focus is high, but it was there before and there are currently no components that suggest significant short-term evolution of the system. “

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