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D'Urso's reaction - Libero Quotidiano

D’Urso’s reaction – Libero Quotidiano

Family drama A. Afternoon 5. Barbara DursoOn the program that aired on Canale 5 and on Wednesday’s episode, May 19, she has returned to tackle Mrs. A woman from Terracina, whose daughter Alessandra accused her of accumulating a series. According to the photos and videos that the girl sent to the broadcast, it seems that the lady lives – with another daughter – in complete decline, in a house completely full of things and rubbish. That’s why Alessandra asked for help.

Then the presenter sent one of her correspondents to the site, Georgia Skakia. But when she showed up – with Alessandra – at the woman’s door to tell her that the broadcast was there to help her, the lady broke up, and pushed her daughter out of the house: “I said I get out.” The reporter urged the two women not to be harmed. But despite this A real battle erupted Cameras captured Afternoon 5.

Barbara Dorso later stepped in and explained to the viewers: “I tried to talk to the lady, but B. She has two lawyers who prevented us from talking to her. Tomorrow the two sisters will be received separately by Counselor de Tommaso for Social Services to try to solve the situation. ”Then the hostess console her daughter Alessandra: “We have received many offers for help from our viewers. We are not giving up.”.