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Isola, because the award ceremony will be held in Honduras

Isola, because the award ceremony will be held in Honduras

FinalThe famous island It gets closer and closer: The final episode of this latest release – except for surprising changes – will air on June 7, one week after the original scheduled date. Directed by Ilari Blasie, with studio support from commentators Eva Zanechi, Elitra Lamborghini and Tommaso Zorzi, the reality show will soon elect a winner.

For the first time in broadcast history there is a novelty regarding the Final: as expected TV Blog, The Winner bThe famous island To be announced in Honduras.

It is easy to say the reason for this decision: We will not see the coronation of the winner in Milan as in previous editions – where the program studio is located – but we are directly connected to Cayo Cucinus, where it all began.

This is because due to the pandemic, a two-week quarantine period had to wait for castaways in the studio, which would have made an award ceremony impossible during the final evening of the program. Mandatory selection of production, forced to deal with anti-Covid regulations.

That of the reality show I hosted Elary Blasey It certainly wasn’t an easy copy: the many injuries that have forced many of the contenders into retirement, without looking at the deprivations and the physical and mental challenges that the outcasts have been subjected to. Just think aboutAwed Excessive Weight LossAs a result, production decided to increase the daily ration. If many show great determination during their adventure on the island, there are those, and how Andrea CirioliThey expressed their desire to abandon the game due to hunger.

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Until a few weeks ago, the final episode was scheduled to air on May 31, but the network had considered extending the show for a few weeks, adding new elements to the cast already fed from Untouchables to add a bit of spice to the dynamics between the competitors.

The strategy seems to have worked: the castaways, who have already experienced stomach cramps and increasingly difficult challenges, find themselves having to deal with new “enemies”, and willing to do anything to win. Now we just have to wait for the final: who will win this edition’s cup?