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"Illiteracy returns", "Babu" - Libero Quotidiano

“Illiteracy returns”, “Babu” – Libero Quotidiano

In the social discord between Blond chef Ed Enrico Mintana It also gets in the way David Barenzo. In fact, if the La7 news program director does not respond to Rubio’s insults, the same cannot be said of the band leader. Barenzo wanted to comment on the chef’s words in front of everyone on Twitter. “Every day, Chef Rubio explains how the issue of the return of illiteracy exists in our country.” Reason? These phrases about the clash between Israel and Palestine: “I cannot accept that a man even thinks about such a thing that a journalist can write a full text. Zionist propaganda Without any colleague saying anything. Mintana, you are one of the most despised people in the world, so proud. ”

In fact, Rubio, in turn, interfered with the journalist’s exit who explained how there was no bad and good side in this conflict: “In the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – Mintana wrote – There are no right or wrong sides, The error of one and the cause of the other, the absolute facts of this or that. Only those who do not know that region, that intertwining of religions and races, colonialism and collusion, past defeats and victories, can deal with another conflict in progress as if it were a Champions League match between the favorite team and the opponent. Most hated: Here on social media, this is the prevailing position. ”Phrases Rubio did not like at all, always and openly against Palestinians several times He defined it as “hated.” Enough to unleash Barenzo, a scion of a Jewish family.

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So it is no coincidence that the host of Onda responded to the chef and that, in response, he criticized him again: “According to your reasoning, the joke would have made sense if I had written functional illiteracy” the inability to understand, evaluate and use the information encountered in the current society “, But You are a father That even the jokes that they suggest you can bring back, “was Rubio’s latest clamor.