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Do Maria Laura de Vitesse and Mercedes Henger have a charter?  / check the background...

Do Maria Laura de Vitesse and Mercedes Henger have a charter? / check the background…

Does Maria Laura de Vitesse have a deal with Mercedes Henger? The inspiration of Dianera Marzano

Maria Laura de Vitesse And the Mercedes Hinger They had made a pact before participating in Celebrity Island. Deianira Marzano made this clear on social media, noting that two They will make a deal. Both will be part of the same agency and will exchange friendships as well. In the days leading up to the final, the two contestants from Isola dei Famosi appeared at odds. Maria Laura and Mercedes clashed and Maria Laura accused Mercedes of feeling she was taking advantage of her. Today, in light of what Deianera Marzano has reported on social media, it appears that Maria Laura and Mercedes wanted to strategize to stay on celebrity island until the end.

The influencer has already revealed: Who knows what the agreements were between Maria Laura and Mercedes Henger. Friendship is above commonality. Agency stuff. But surely someone said: ‘I recommend saving your ass on the island.’ We understand since they entered.” In short, Maria Laura and Mercedes-Benz Henger are revealed. Even in last night’s episode, when Maria Laura was eliminated, Mercedes had strange behaviour. The girl rejoiced at this exclusion, which indicates that she was glad that Luca Davry stayed.

Mercedes Henger and Maria Laura de Vitesse, what happened between them?

The relationship between Mercedes Hinger And the Maria Laura de Vitesse characterized by fluctuations. There were heated discussions between the two drowning women. Maria Laura, who had trusted Luca Davry, had expressed her displeasure and was accused by Mercedes of ignoring her: “She was close to me for as long as I needed her, because I always saved her, I never nominated her. I always protected her when I had the power to decide the game. Now that I’m in the final, you probably don’t need to continue. I don’t like that. If you are tied With someone, I continue the relationship in and out of the game, but I see that it is not.”

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Maria Laura de Vitesse and Mercedes Henger found themselves talking about what had happened, except for the group, and another clash took place at Cayo Paloma. Then the outcast put her hands on the explanation to Mercedes: “I haven’t told you heavy things. I have told you that sometimes you have the attitude of the victim, that you throw yourself, and sometimes, like I said in your face, you speak in a smug and slightly arrogant tone. I don’t seem to have said anything too offensive. Or at least not more. than you told me.” Will there be reconciliation between them?

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