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Nathaly Caldonazzo Vs Barù "For me he's gay, he hates women" / It's a web storm!

Nathaly Caldonazzo Vs Barù “For me he’s gay, he hates women” / It’s a web storm!

relationships between Natalie Caldonazzo and Barrow In House big brother vip It doesn’t seem poetic anymore. In fact, the showgirl had so blasted the evening over the chef that she was even accused of misogyny. Caldonazzo’s reaction is sparked by a few lines by Barrow, who often allows herself to go into worrisome phrases, suggesting an unfiltered character. “I heard jokes about women quite a bit but they were murderers,” Mirjana Trevisan pointed out to her friend who did not agree at all and, on the contrary, made her hypothesis: “In my opinion, under Barrow is gay. If you hate (women) so much even if he Gays love women.” Nathalie ruled, then let himself rise up against Barrow.

Natalie Caldonazzo attacks Barrow and ends up in the criticism

Nathalie Caldonazzo, after assuming homosexuality Barrow, “He’d be in competition with us, and yet he’s broken his mind, why does he speak so badly… I won’t let him go anymore! In fact, I called him, for me he can even go c*o!” Nathalie exclaimed, actually confirming that he He does not like Barrow’s way of working and approaching the women of the house. “Like me? We all thought of him at first.” Mirjana Trevisan, smashing a spear in favor of the chef, replied, “Not to me, he’s not gay.” However, Nathalie’s words unleashed a lot of criticism on the web: For many, her statements were actually out of place. completely.

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