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Aurora Ramazzotti, slip at the opening of the Love Mi concert: "Oops, I'm excited"

Aurora Ramazzotti, slip at the opening of the Love Mi concert: “Oops, I’m excited”

One beginning with slip. The musical party “Love Mi” in Piazza del Duomo Milan. with Elenoire Casalegno, Right on Italia Uno, Aurora Ramazzotti leads the concert, but right in the opening, she took a slip that caught everyone’s attention. After the initial salute, the two presenters found themselves compelled to fire the first artist of the evening. Casalegno started talking and then gave Aurora’s first artist release. But she allowed herself to be betrayed by a slip, and instead of announcing the artist who was supposed to play a role, Rosa Chemical, she announced another one: Rose Villain.

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As expected, Elenoire threw in some clues about Rosa Chemical, after which, Aurora said, “You understand, you’re already loaded, Rose Villain with us.” But the daughter of Michelle Hunziker immediately realized that she had penetrated the presentation. “Nooo, Rosa Chemical, SorryShe said with an embarrassed smile. His colleague Casalegno came to his aid: “Aurora, there, she is direct.”

The event, completely free, was designed and wanted by Fides who launched a fundraising drive with the number 45595 in favor of The Tog-Together To Go Foundation, A non-profit organization that specializes in the rehabilitation of children with complex neurological diseases.

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