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Who is Juliana Florio?  – Travel directions

Who is Juliana Florio? – Travel directions

Giuliana Florio, the young 27-year-old TikToker, drives the Italian public crazy with her original and engaging videos based on the phenomenon of NPCs (non-playable characters). Initially, the term NPC (non-player character) — in Italian PNC (non-player character) — was used in RPG Tabletop to describe a character who, unlike “active” players, is controlled by the gamemaster.

But who is Giuliana Florio and how did she manage to bring this phenomenon to Italy?

Who is Juliana Florio?

Juliana Florio, a psychology graduate, entered the world of digital entertainment with a unique twist. His way of bringing the concept of NPCs to TikTok is a true sight to behold. When the TikTok icon appears on the screen, Juliana repeats the catchphrase “C”amma ‘a’a’ TikTok?” And do that to me,” introducing viewers to his world of NPCs.

NPCs are unconscious characters in video games who respond to predetermined stimuli, and perform repetitive actions in response to player interactions. Juliana interprets these characters in a subtle way, performing mechanical movements, squinting her eyes on command, and repeating phrases and onomatopoeia based on user donations. The result is an engaging and fun experience that has won thousands of followers.

The origin of the NPC phenomenon

The NPC phenomenon was born in the United States thanks to a creator named Picky Doll, who began pretending to eat ice cream and repeating phrases like “Ice cream is very good.” Giuliana Florio then adapted this style of entertainment in a unique way, personalizing it through her Neapolitan culture and traditions.

Success of Juliana Florio

Juliana Florio has managed to gain a huge audience with her fresh and original approach to the NPC phenomenon. With over 300k followers on her TikTok profile, Juliana has become an internet phenomenon. Although the path to success was not without criticism and insults, Juliana faced everything with determination and thanks to her training in psychology and sociology.

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The future of Juliana Florio

As the NPC phenomenon continues to gain popularity, Juliana Florio looks ready to ride the wave of success. Although it is not his main source of income, his main goal is to attract the attention of a wider audience in order to share deeper, more introspective content.

Among Juliana’s future projects is music, with the release of the song “Frrr rha” which has already gone viral on TikTok, along with new songs she has written throughout her life. Thanks to her talent and determination, Juliana Florio is ready to conquer new horizons in the world of digital entertainment.

The NPC phenomenon, thanks to creators like Juliana Florio, shows how TikTok is a fertile ground for innovation and creativity. Giuliana not only brought a global trend to Italy, but made it unique, celebrating its Neapolitan culture and engaging a large audience with her talent. We can only expect great things from this young promise of digital entertainment.