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Le Iene, Alessia's Gorgeous Return: With lace and sheer, it's crazy

Le Iene, Alessia’s Gorgeous Return: With lace and sheer, it’s crazy

Ending isolationWith these words, Alicia Marcosi announced on social media that she is returning to Hyenas. With great energy and a great desire to regain the reins of the program, The host is back on top of the show.

To force her to Stay on the benchThe positivity towards Covid from her husband, Paulo Calabrese Marconi. A precaution, but necessary, Nicola Savino was forced in the final episode to attend alone. But this time he can count on the support of Marcozy, who will return On a very special day.

In fact, she is also celebrating the 50th anniversary of her husband Paolo, the one who has made her happy for years now. She denied every rumor about a crisis, which in the past had caused a sensation, on social media, she let herself go to wish her love. Happy birthdayHe posted a series of pics and captioning all at the same time sarcastically and entirely romantic in his style.

There was no romantic dinner for both of them even though only candles blew from a distance with a verified Instagram video call. Evening commitment Alicia is everything Hyenas. And face it in style: He wore black pants and Black bust made of tracing paper and lace. Sensual and beautiful appearance, show her perfect physique.

The hyenas also hosted Raul Bova, who was in the past Was a victim From one of their jokes, giving him the opportunity to promote his fairy tale literature Good morning mom, She played alongside Serena Otteri, Maria Chiara Janita, Beatrice Arnera and other high-profile actors. They took the opportunity to steal some information about his private life. Nicola Savino, in fact, asked him if he intended to marry his partner Rossio Muñoz Morales.

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Bova avoided giving a positive answer, but left a promising glimmer:Who do you knowIn fact, he indicated the possibility of a new marriage. Are Rocìo and Raul deciding to get married soon, which will surprise everyone?

To conclude. That Alicia Marcuse It was a great comeback: Her appearance was impeccable, but what attracted attention was above all her beautiful smile that always accompanied her in every project and in every work of her work, which was very popular with the audience, who showed her love for years and warmth.