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Consensus demand in harmony with the US –

Consensus demand in harmony with the US –

It would be wrong to interpret the harshness of the words of the Deputy Minister and the External Affairs Minister. Antonio Tajani, such as personal initiative or forward escape. The attack on Hamas terrorists is limited “The New Gestapo, If Not Worse”, an attempt to reframe a narrative that has become unbalanced in recent weeks due to the Israeli military response. And adding “wrong in its disproportionate attack against Israeli civilians” does not mean that Italy lacks solidarity. If anything, it's a way of highlighting the already obvious negative effects.

This is the reality itself Palazzo Sigi and his close ties to the United States were angered by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's approach: an attitude that obscures responsibility for the October 7 massacre by Hamas. Yesterday's attempt at dialogue by Premier Georgia Meloni and Democratic Party secretary Ellie Schlein reflects the need to find common ground. Reaching parliament on a demand for a “ceasefire” keeps anti-Semitic and anti-American pockets at bay, and lends a hand to the pro-Israel front.

It comes back after months, Shared foreign policy line: A “yes” decision for the majority and PD movements reinforces the government's unitary profile. This will be useful for the opposition and the Prime Minister. Although it is not clear how long this will last. He reiterates the awareness that problems should be solved only from a national perspective; Even more so if it is tainted by a European election campaign that glorifies party self-interest. This applies to the Middle East crisis, Ukraine and even the tractor protests. Sort events that seem more connected than they appear.

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The news that Russian hackers are attacking European platforms is surprising. They raise roadblocks of farmers, not to think about the EU giving money to Ukraine, but to argue about their problems. We also cannot ignore Russia's dubious policy in the Middle East conflict. If it becomes a matter of internal controversy, the dangers are obvious. And since instincts sometimes resurface, one can guess the scapegoat's desire.

Suddenly, unrest and uncertainty seem to depend on Europe's choices. Middle East, Ukraine or Tractors: The EU is once again portrayed as stepfather or powerless, as it was under the M5S-League government. The same consensus reached in the chamber yesterday was accompanied by Schlein's criticism of the EU's need to commit itself to recognizing a Palestinian state; To the right-wing majority who invoke the laws of Europe as the main culprits of the tractor revolt. The game is very easy for everyone, it removes one's responsibilities.