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“Roberto Chavi had information about the Ustica massacre”, complain relatives of victims of the Uno Bianca gang

“Roberto Chavi had information about the Ustica massacre”, complain relatives of victims of the Uno Bianca gang

Prior to the interview with Giuliano Amato, Ustica focused on the search for the truth about the massacre, the families of the victims. One is white The criminal group, which includes policemen who killed 23 people and injured more than 100 between 1987 and 1994, filed a complaint with the Bologna prosecutor’s office in May through their lawyers. Alessandro Camberini And Luca Moser. Relatives of the victims claim links between Ustica and the gang and are asking for investigations to be reopened to find the instigators and accomplices of the criminal group. The thread between the two phenomena highlighted in the substantial document concerns image Roberto Chavi, a former policeman serving a life sentence, the leader of the group and his brother Fabio last January had their request to work outside prison rejected. One character, according to a complaint by family members (assisted by lawyers Alessandro Camberini and Luca Moser), had information that proved his relationship with related worlds. Security Services.

“Certainly, Roberto Chavi, in the context of his connections with sources and worlds associated with the security services – lawyers Camberini and Moser – had the opportunity to intercept news of the Ustica massacre. Certain agencies and operational contexts can ‘return’ to the early 1990s. It is the reports from 1995 that bring Chavi into the play. Pietro Gugliotta, another ex-cop from the gang, has now been brought back to the attention of investigators. Gugliotta was interrogated by the Bolognese prosecutors Walter Giovannini and Paolo Giovagnoli, who reported the confidence they received from Savi. During a car trip towards Liguria, just after crossing the border into Tuscany, Savi noted a mountainous region. French Mirage, who was involved in the action that caused the Ustica DC9 to be shot down, to drop an additional tank. Savi would also have told Gugliotta that he piloted the Mirage that left Toulon. In fact, some wreckage of the plane was later found in the area, but it was not connected to Ustica. Seabed research carried out years later identified a tank in the area where some of the plane’s wreckage had sunk, which, it was said at the time, could not be linked to what happened in the skies over Ustica.

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At that time, the prosecutor Giovannini sent the report of the investigation to the judge Prior (who continued the trial of Ustica) and Savi was interrogated by Giovannini and Prior in Rome: d.Gugliotta said it was crazy. Circumstances of the involvement of one or more French warplanes only emerged in 2008, when statements by former president Kosica led Romanian prosecutors to reopen investigations into the assassination. According to prosecutors Camberini and Moser, he told his friend and associate Gugliotta, Roberto Savi, and “in all the statements he made during the interrogations and trial, He interspersed claims and facts with evidenceEfficient use of technique of cross-messaging and obfuscation”.

“Uno Bianca’s criminal case cannot be set aside in an investigation that seeks to redefine the scope (clearly too narrow) placed by judicial decisions. . . It is “a more valuable restorative part of an investigative process which, in the hope of the families of the white Uno victims represented by us, It can only redefine the criminological and investigative narrative horizon in which those crimes were committed“, they conclude.