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Dem idea after Biden – il tempo

Dem idea after Biden – il tempo

Paola Tomasi

Did anyone believe that Kamala Harris would back out of the race for the White House next November without getting fired? There are no powerful people in the world, man or woman, who quit their job once they have reached the top of their career. Neither will Joe Biden. The vice president of the United States had remained quiet until yesterday, considering the turmoil since his inauguration, but when he saw a step back from Biden's re-nomination, he immediately stepped up. . Indeed, had his mandate been less disastrous, a nomination to the Oval Office would have been his right, but instead the Democratic front-runners did not want to see his name on the ballot anyway.

The establishment, in fact, dreams of seeing Michelle Obama installed in the White House. But all this is speculation, because Joe Biden has no intention of giving up: many times, in his long political career, which began in his twenties, Biden was promised the presidential nomination without it coming: four years ago he finally managed to get it – and win – and now he does not think about taking a step back. . And to replace him, he must step aside. The latest updates on his critical health seem to have fired him up, so his first reaction was to open a Tiktok profile to show everyone that he was fine. In one day it reached 67 thousand followers (Berlusconi had 350 thousand on the first day.

However, the strategy is to make frequent public appearances, as opposed to what was done until a few days ago. We've moved from “less visible is better” to “he needs to communicate with potential voters frequently and consistently.” One tip Biden has taken to the point of joking with reporters: When they ask him questions, he first pretends not to remember, then laughs and moves on. It's a shame that the President pulled one of his own yesterday. Once King Jordan gave way, he wandered behind her for a few seconds, not knowing where to go. Everyone in the Democratic Party fears defeat in the November elections, but no one has the strength or courage to ask Biden to take a step back. Maybe not even Obama. Issuing a damning statement about the president's health was not a targeted move by Obama to set the stage for the Democratic nominee's reelection. You have until August to do it, nothing happens before then. In the Democratic Party, they await Donald Trump's nomination at the July convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, officially on the other side. Then, if they can convince Biden, they will announce their new name. As things stand, the only option now is to replace Republicans and defeat Trump. Otherwise, bye bye to the White House.

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