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Sindrome da visione al computer: di che si tratta?

Computer vision syndrome: what is it?

Theto Computer vision syndrome is very commonand developed by People who spend many hours every day in front of the computer, generally for work, and who also spend more time in front of the screens of smartphones, televisions, and tablets. L ‘usually Staring at the screen constantly makes your eyes hard In some cases, it can lead to the development of a true syndrome called computer vision syndrome (CVS). This combines visual, neurological and motor symptoms and affects, albeit in different degrees of severity, between 70 and 90 percent of people who spend a significant amount of time in front of a screen; By the way, such people often do not even realize that they suffer from it. human health Talk extensively about it with Paulo Vincigerahead of the ophthalmology unit at Humanitas and full professor at Humanitas University in an online article that we publish in full.

Computer Vision Syndrome: Symptoms

There are many symptoms associated with computer vision syndrome: they range from visual and neurological symptoms to problems with the musculoskeletal system due to postures that are held for too long. Among the most common we refer to burning in the eyeslamfatigue SceneAnd the Headache it’s a A series of pain in the neck due to the position of the head to stare at the screen.

Symptoms: can be transient

It is important to know Than when you look at the screen for a long timethe eyes close less frequently: if we open and close them usually 17-20 times per minute, when we work at the computer we go 12-15 times, which increases the load on eyesight.

The effect of electronic devices on vision

In computer vision syndrome, the most common symptoms affecting the eyes are double or blurred vision, burning, itching, redness of the eyeball, and generally dry eyes.

They do not usually appear immediately, but appear after two or three hours of work. These symptoms often affect the patient’s functioning, with a decrease in concentration that can be associated with feelings of dysphoria and anxiety.

In addition to being prepared, for example in cases where there are certain visual defects, These symptoms can be based on various causes, such as poor screen resolution and letters that do not have well-defined edges..

Closing the eyelids less frequently can contribute to a feeling of dryness, fatigue, and, for some people, increased redness.

Computer vision syndrome: what to do

Although computer vision syndrome is particularly troublesome, it does not cause long-term harm, but it can certainly facilitate the onset of other diseases, starting with dry eye syndrome.

Among the treatments that can help the eye, we guarantee:

  • Observe a point 10 meters away for at least 20 seconds, approximately every 20 minutes.
  • If there is an opportunity to get up at this turn, you can stretch and relax your neck;
  • Use a high-resolution screen, excellent as it makes reading on the screen less stressful, thanks to more defined characters and higher contrast.
  • Do not forget: the screen should be kept at a distance of 50 or 70 cm from the eye, with its upper edge made the same height as the eyes, in order to keep the head slightly tilted down;
  • adjust the screen brightness so that it is slightly higher than the surrounding environment, and the working environment should not be too bright and free from reflections that confuse the vision, which will force the eye to make greater efforts; the use of programs that can make the light emitted by the screens more yellow;
  • Keep your shoulders and head back while using your smartphone, bringing its screen closer to your face and not the other way around: this will improve your posture by making a little extra effort for your arms.
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