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Antonio Conte, tired of Tottenham, started contacts: background

Antonio Conte, tired of Tottenham, started contacts: background

time Leonardo The deadline seems very close, according to the French press and to the follies reported by the most reliable newspapers that seduced the prospect of a realistic winning re-establishment, which was satisfied in the end after admiring the state shirt. Paris Saint-Germain Unusual contemporary talent, but without winning anything.

Paris Saint-Germain: The controversy against Leonardo

This is what the fans (and others) are competing against Leonardo: Signing the best, without really winning anything, imprinted the symbols and colors of the Parisian club in the history of football. Is it time for a change? maybe.

Fabio Paratici It’s a very interesting idea that could soon lead to an even more ambitious goal by Antonio Conte.

Conte, Tottenham moment

coach responsible for spurs This second experience in the Premier League lives on a swing of emotion often at the heart of tabloid records, fascinated by the always live press conferences of the Salento coach, but he fought just as hard, for the lack of results and continuity that no thought did when accepting the concession.

Is sure to revive Donnarumma And make the most of the talents Messi and Neymar To give a few examples, it takes a strong man and a leader on and off the field. Man against, strong and powerfully centered, the champion is like Antonio Conte anyway. A professional who is not inclined to immerse himself in the individuality of his players, and is ready to defend them but also to hide and conceal them if possible.

Conte-Paratici, a successful couple to break into Paris Saint-Germain

connections between With you and the Paris Saint-Germain Has already started: the coach can take advantage of the clause included in his contract, which will allow him to leave spurs At the end of the season, though, the British will try to snag him.

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The premise of transalpine fascinates him, the economic resources do not diminish and the suggestion that a project is born – perhaps in four hands with Fabio Paratici – It’s more than just a possibility, even if the relationships between the two weren’t always idyllic.

Allegri-PSG, idea in standby

And the Max Allegri? The estimation of the Juventus coach has not changed, but at the moment the process you want in Paris seems more complicated, and less agile than the Salento coach, who is disappointed with eighth place in the standings and the project that it is, assumes. Not yet formed.

In addition to a solution to overcome the pressure of the fans, the expectations of the club’s top management and from the same ownership and turn a harmful trend is not slow.

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