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“We want to do better than the previous version”


Beijing 2022, Malago: “We want to do better than the last version”

Giovanni Malaggi – Photo Mezzelani / GMT

“The expectations are to be competitive, to do better than what happened in 2018 in Pyeongchang, Korea. It is not easy, but I think we have a lot of opportunities to score medals in other disciplines.” These are the words of the president of the cones Giovanni Malago Who spoke, on the sidelines of the presentation given by the Organizing Committee of the World Fencing Championships 2023 in Milan, about the upcoming Olympic mission Beijing 2022 The Winter Games will start in less than a month. “US diplomatic boycott? I think an athlete shouldn’t judge politicians, frankly maybe the opposite is true, but they are options. Diplomatic boycotts are part of the dynamics of international governments, and I can guarantee that athletes, coaches and managers do not consider it a problem. The utmost respect for the countries that have made this choice, but it must be specified that it is limited to the diplomatic corps of individual countries. As for the state of the epidemic, we will live for three weeks in a bubble, it will be impossible to break even a millimeter, which is on the one hand very heavy but on the other hand a guarantee to avoid further problems. Expectations? In Korea we won 10 medals with 3 golds, and we have to do better in those two numbers.”

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