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Here's how to get it.  The first codes are coming

Here’s how to get it. The first codes are coming

Announcements on the phone, in applications immunity e I, Via Email: The first codes to access the Green Certificate are coming Govit-19, The so-called Green bass, To millions of Italians. From July 1, the certificate will allow you to move freely Europe, It will be used to participate in events and festivals in Italy. These announcements have already come to those who have been vaccinated for a long time, but one for everyone who qualifies by June 28th QR code, Which contains one of the three required certificates: Vaccination certificate – which is obtained after the second dose or after the first 15 days, and is valid until the second dose is administered – valid for 9 months, with a recovery certificate (valid for 6 months) and a negative cloth performed in the previous 48 hours.

Masks, we will no longer take them outside, but duties are in clubs and stores: rules

Green Boss, how to get it, why

The Green bass It can be used to travel, access parties, concerts, weddings, conferences and any public event. But it is also necessary to show it to the elderly of the RSA.
To get it, the first step is, in fact, the arrival of the alert, via SMS, email or application with the code “Authcode”. Once you have received the code, you can go to the national site At this point, one has to be recognized either by digital identity (SPIT / C) or by health card or by using an identity document for those who are not registered with the National Health Organization. You need to enter the code to get the green certificate.

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Green Pass Tramide Qr Code

You can get the Green Pass QR code, Also usesImmune use. Enter the authcode, look at the pass and print. In the Io application, on the other hand, you do not need Authcode. Users will, in fact, receive a notification automatically with a swap or certificate of vaccination carried out. You can also download the QR code on your smartphone and place it in the photo gallery.

Overseas Travel: Green Pass, Isolation, Prohibited Countries. All the rules for tourism

Green pass to pharmacy or general practitioner

You can also go to the pharmacy or your GP and get a pass. With the health card, the pharmacist or doctor can access the patient’s “electronic health record” and print the green pass. On the other hand, the EU digital certification will take effect on July 1. Holders of the Italian Digital Green Pass will actually have the European Digital Green Pass on hand. The TPCM Italian Certificate, signed by Prime Minister Mario Draghi, integrates the rules for issuing European certification.

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