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Nassams Missiles, super weapons sent to Kiev by the US (they also protect the White House)

Nassams Missiles, super weapons sent to Kiev by the US (they also protect the White House)

More and more sophisticated weapons for Ukraine to deter Russian aggressors: The acronym stands for Nassams and the National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System and refers to the more advanced anti-aircraft system of the American Raytheon (developed exactly 100 years ago) and the Norwegian Kada. (Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace), even better, say some observers – the constantly upgraded and improved Veteran Patriots. Nassums became a well-known security organization after being cleared to protect the White House and the US President’s (no secret) codename POTUS.

US ready to send Nassams missiles to Kiev

Two batteries of the latest generation, the third since the first version of the Nassams system in operation since 1998, arrived in Ukraine after the order began in July, while four more were commissioned by the Ukrainian government after US President Joe Biden gave the green light. Light on a complicated effort to help a Ukrainian ally (including footing a very high bill for US taxpayers) while not giving it a firepower that could provoke reactions from Russia and then block possible peace talks. . Check out the reaction to this latest distribution news: Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said the US supply of advanced air defense systems to Ukraine would “make the conflict longer and more painful for the Ukrainian side” but “it will not change the definition of the objectives and the final results”.

This is a diplomatic conflict, here I am in the field instead New U.S. anti-missile missiles hit Kiev after the massacre — which killed 19 and injured more than 100, all civilians — in a missile strike two days earlier with Moscow, which launched surface-to-surface rockets. U.S. aid has joined European nations in asking the EU to further clamp down on arms shipments to Ukraine, totaling 500 million euros. The Nassams system for Finland, which is expected to join NATO, has already been adopted in Europe by Norway, Holland and recently Slovakia.

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Nassams missiles, how they work

Each battery has 6 missile launchers, including mobile, but not limited to, Sidewinder or Amram-er, the range has been increased to 50 kilometers (medium range). The performance of this platform is the automatic guidance of anti-missile missiles, but anti-drone and anti-aircraft are entrusted to the “dialogue” between information from ground or air radars (installed on Awacs aircraft) and satellite networks.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the entire American intelligence system has been accused by Moscow of supporting Kiev troops with GhostEye radars and high-powered laser systems: it is possible to shoot down even the creation of drones.