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Chrome finally has the most awaited functionality: a great achievement for those who use PDF files a lot

Chrome finally has the most awaited functionality: a great achievement for those who use PDF files a lot

Google is adding a long-awaited feature to its popular browser, which is sure to be welcomed by users.

administration PDF documents It is a very common but often complex practice for professionals and students. In fact, these files often need to be edited or digitally signed, but finding free tools that facilitate these processes without compromising security or quality is often a real challenge.

Managing PDF documents is complex and often requires paid tools for editing and digital signing –

This limitation forces many users to resort to it Cumbersome processes like printing documents and then having to scan them Again after manual changes. Luckily, It seems that the solution is finally on the horizon, promises to revolutionize the way we interact with PDF documents directly from our favorite browser. This paradigm shift could mean the end of the era of hassle, opening the door to more seamless and integrated document management.

Signing PDF files will no longer be a problem thanks to Google Chrome

Google Chrome, the web browser that dominates the internet landscape with its wide range of intuitive features and powerful extensions, is about to introduce an addition that many have been eagerly awaiting. Among the already popular functions such as password manager and power saving options, we will add them soon Ability to digitally sign PDF documents without leaving your browser.

Sign pdf files with Google Chrome
Google Chrome is about to launch a feature that lets you digitally sign PDF documents right from the browser

This update was reported by users who analyzed Chromium source code, the open source project behind Google Chrome. Until now, Chrome's built-in PDF viewer allowed users to perform basic actions like zooming in/out and resizing content to page size, Two-page presentationAnd rotation andQuick access To the index.

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The ability to make more fundamental changes like including digital signatures was missing, but reliable sources, like Windows Report, have revealed this Support digital signature on documents It is under development and may be implemented very soon.

The new digital signature feature will be available on a variety of platforms, including Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Fuschia, and Lacross. Details regarding the timing of the release are still uncertain, but indications point to this Chrome version 126 It could be one It will finally integrate this long-awaited feature

Chrome moves to Close the gap with competitors Microsoft comes edge, which already provides a PDF viewer with advanced editing tools. The introduction of digital signature is just the tip of the iceberg, as more tools are expected to arrive that will make PDF management more complete and integrated.