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Android Auto Updates |  Here’s what’s new in the latest version of the platform

Android Auto Updates | Here’s what’s new in the latest version of the platform

Android Auto has been updated again: here are all the new features of the system created by Google for cars.

Over the years, we are increasingly trying to improve driving safety since there are still a lot of road accidents that can be avoided: most of them are caused by distractions mainly due to the use of a smartphone, and it is precisely for this reason that most modern cars are equipped Several systems help drivers not to use their mobile phones while driving.

The most famous and widespread of these systems is the Android Auto systema platform developed by Google, and as the word itself suggests, features a green robot operating system that guarantees the driver a whole series of smart features to replace the personal smartphone.

Android Auto can be easily connected to your car’s infotainment systemOr the multimedia instrument panel with the screen found in all cars designed in the last ten years. Thanks to this platform, it is actually possible to use many smartphone functions directly on the car dashboard through voice commands or buttons mounted on the steering wheel to avoid distraction.

Android Auto is becoming an increasingly integrated and secure system

Android Auto has become more complete with various Google updates that have allowed greater compatibility with different applications over time: initially, thanks to this platform, it was only possible to consult driving directions through maps, tune to music saved on the smartphone via a USB connection and answer On calls and messages however There are now many applications that are compatible with the system.

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Now on Android Auto, it’s also possible to check your calendar and events, make appointments, listen to music through major streaming platforms like Spotify or YouTube Music, use other platforms to get driving directions like Waze, and listen to podcasts and audiobooks with Audible. .

Warning message on Android Auto, it's actually a bug

in the past period Google announced a new update Very big for Android Auto which will surely make all car owners who install this platform on their car’s infotainment system happy. The update is being released now although it will take some time before everyone can use it.

Android Auto: Google announces and launches the new version of the platform

Google first announced and then released Android Auto version 11.9 Which does not offer any substantive new features, but it is still a very welcome update by users because it solves some stability issues and also several bugs that plagued the old version of the platform that many people on the web complained about.

WhatsApp logo

There is no detailed changelog for the update, so it is not yet clear which bugs have been specifically resolved, but e.g Among the most discussed issues in the recent period are those related to WhatsApp: Many users, for example, complained of the inability to send and receive messages on the popular messaging service and the new update has most likely resolved this error.