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Video leak shows Ooze, new IP developed in partnership with Sony XDEV –

Video leak shows Ooze, new IP developed in partnership with Sony XDEV –

Thanks to a leak a few hours ago, a very short leak on the net gameplay videos to clayalleged The new IP is coming to PS5 Thanks to a collaboration between Sony XDEV and a third party studio. Well-known Dusk Golem insider “confirmed” the footage and said it was from an old version of the game.

You can watch the video at this is the address. According to the source of the leak, IconEra user, “Ooze” (codename revealed by Dusk Golem last year) is Science fiction RPG Developed using the Unreal Engine.

In the video, we see a soldier armed with a shotgun walking on a bridge, while in the distance we see some sort of invertebrate alien hanging from a tower, which in some ways refers to the term “Ooze”, which can also be translated as “slime” or “slime”. The setting may seem strange, although it is difficult to say with certainty due to the short duration of the clip.

The author of the leak claims that the video is from an embryonic construct and that the game is “first/second party in development by xDev”. It’s unclear what the main studio is, but rumor has it it’s located Europe. Apparently we can expect more leaks during the year.

For those who don’t know, Sony XDEV is a team that works closely with third-party studios that make games exclusively for PlayStation consoles. For example, they have collaborated in the past on producing and publishing Returnal (Housemarque), Detroit: Become Human (Quantic Dream) and Sackboy: A Big Adventure (Sumo Digital), while looking to the present the team works closely with Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo at Rise of the Ronin.

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As we mentioned at the beginning, well-known insider Dusk Golem has confirmed the authenticity of the video. He also added that he had seen a much newer build of Ooze and that this development has reached the point where the game is fully voiced, has an original soundtrack and is significantly more polished.

“While I obviously can’t say whether or not it will be released, I’ve personally seen a lot of this game and newer material from this clip,” Dusk Golem said on Twitter. “The game itself (not this trailer) is in development as it is fully voiced and has music composed specifically for it and is much more polished than the video.”

Obviously for the moment we recommend taking all the above information with a grain of salt, pending official confirmation.