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Gmail, few people know about this function: but it is very useful

Gmail, few people know about this function: but it is very useful

Few people know about this function in Gmail: but it is very useful and will be able to help many users deal with the hundreds of email contacts that arrive every day.

Gmail –

There are millions of Italians who use it for business purposes maila fast and very intuitive tool that can be used by both Desktop or laptop computer That gives smart phone. There are many users who have relied on it over the years Googlespecifically A gmailfor their emails, thanks to the free but also completely professional service that provides maximum guarantee and appropriate support.

One of the common problems in Gmail and also in other email messaging systems is the Box capacitywhich is often full of messages and junk Spam emails. Then there Old emails that are no longer needed Which is another aspect that must be improved if we always want to keep what we need under control. Therefore, it is best to get rid of unnecessary messages, specifically emails that are no longer needed.

Gmail, How to delete emails that are no longer needed

Deleting an email you no longer need from your Gmail inbox is very simple. Just go to the respective email and Bend the small square on the left. At this point a series of actions will appear that we can perform, including the removal procedure. Note that once we delete the email in question, it will not disappear from our inbox, but will be gone Basket.

Gmail –

Which often contains More than 100 messages Because then we forget to empty it, as happens with what we have desktop From the computer that contains all the temporarily deleted files. This system seems very useful because it allows us, if we accidentally delete an email, to do so Go and get it back. Once the trash is emptied, there will be no trace of the email and therefore it can never be recovered.

Yes they can Delete multiple emails at the same time At the same time: Just check more boxes at the same time and move all the emails that are outdated for us to the trash. A particular problem occurs when We need to delete old emails that do not appear on the first page So in this case we will have to go and look for them one by one. There is a way that can make this task easier for us.

How to delete very old emails from Gmail

When we don't clean our computer, we have to go and search for all the very old emails that we want to delete. However, there is a system that makes this task easier for us: we go to Gmail and click on the icon menu Which is located next to the search bar. At that pointOr we enter a time period that interests us Maybe even Future Name I content And theGoal. This way we will have emails grouped according to these criteria (Here you can learn how to delete emails sent by mistake).

With just one click you can delete them all without having to search for them one by one. But there is also the possibility of creating a file Purifier Which automatically deletes old emails by specifying the time period as well as the subject and recipients. practically We enable automatic deletion of old emails. Let's not forget to always empty our trash to delete it permanently.

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