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What’s the next ‘darker’ mode for phones?

What’s the next ‘darker’ mode for phones?

WhatsApp decided to offer deeper tones to reduce eye strain, especially in low-light situations, for example when we look at a smartphone in the dark. The app’s dark mode will then have a new shade to make messages easier to read.

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WhatsApp is changing its face again. The Meta application has announced… new design Available with the next update. The goal, the company explains, is to offer a newer, more intuitive interface. “Over the years we have mainly focused on addition New tools in the applicationNow, as it continues to grow, its design must evolve as well. First the color. The green color remains “evergreen” for the application that has nevertheless decided to file New plate Icons and green bars are distributed differently on the interface. Not only that, but he also announced a “new”“Darkest Dark Mode”.

WhatsApp has decided to introduce deeper ringtones to reduce soundEye strainEspecially in low light situations, for example when we look at the smartphone in the dark. The app’s dark mode will then have a new shade Make messages easier to read. Changes include a Renewed layout and new icons To help users find what they need. There will also be updated illustrations and new animations. Mita also decided to submit it New navigation bar For Android devices, it will appear below. As for iOS users, WhatsApp has made sending photos and videos easier thanks to the new attachment design.

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The new design of the Meta application

WhatsApp has decided to introduce a lower navigation bar on Android devices, and the new design aims to place the tabs closer to the users’ thumb. The new Ribbon, which has been available on iOS for some time, lets you do just that Quickly view chats, updates, communities and calls. Not only that, instead of a full-screen menu, a window will now appear allowing users to access various features, including multimedia content, surveys or documents.

WhatsApp will show everyone if you’ve been online recently – what we know about the new feature

The updated design will be available to all users who have installed the latest updates for WhatsApp for iOS from the App Store and WhatsApp for Android from the Google Play Store.

wabitinfo |  What's changing on iOS and Android devices?

wabitinfo | What’s changing on iOS and Android devices?

How Whatsapp graphics have changed over time

Over the years, WhatsApp has seen many changes. It remained faithful to the original graphics by correcting colors and fonts. The shade of green is the symbolic color of the application, but the company, with the introduction of a New color palette He wants to make the shadow more uniform. It has also expanded in use Neutral goalsOver the years, he modified the backgrounds and icons by distributing the green color that distinguishes the application differently.

It’s not just the colors, they’re coming too Update icons. With the latest updates, the app has pushed more and more towards one Rounded graphicsthe chat background will also be reviewed using a New doodle As default wallpaper.