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Charges against Berlusconi and Salvini - Libero Cotidiano

Charges against Berlusconi and Salvini – Libero Cotidiano

The center-right split in Palermo, where Lego and Forza Italia cut Georgia Meloni and signed an agreement on the mayoral candidate. Immediate reaction from the Italian brethren who heard of the intervention of the blue leader Silvio Berlusconi. According to the Melonians, there is only one explanation: the allies want to slow down their growth.

The FdI has accused Carozio and Assuri of wanting to “damage the party rather than fight the Left.” Apparently, however, this suspicion had come to Meloni some time ago, La Stompa recalled. During the presentation of his book, in fact, he said: “One question must be asked of our allies: is it important to keep the center-right at bay or slow down the growth of FdI?” The deal between Gianfranco Michiche for Fi in Palermo and Nino Minardo for the league falls on Berlusconi’s party, Francesco Casio.

A serious indictment was launched against the allies: “What is worrying is that the behavior of Lega and Faye is, above all, aimed at weakening the center-right faction, which could have the sole aim of continuing the Rainbow Coalition. We must trust direct intervention – thanks to Easter – to ensure that we do not take part in the Sicilian Party’s recent elections. “

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